Are you or aren’t you? Could you be or not at all? Nowadays its as easy as popping over to the pharmacy, peeing on a stick and there you go. But there are signs to look out for that will let you know whether you are pregnant or not, without making a trip. It is even possible that these signs will show within a week of conception.

Let’s explore these early signs of pregnancy in a nut shell, bearing in mind that every woman is different and that a few or all of these listed below wont apply to you.



The most obvious is a missed period but that may not come to fruition until much later i.e. 600_slide_how_to_take_pregnancy_test4 weeks later


In contrast, some spotting can indicate your practicing has paid off, but could just be your menstrual cycle


Tender, heavier breasts is a keen sign as well as darker, larger areolas, i.e. that area around the nipples


Cramping can indicate pregnancy but its not a full proof sign, given that women can cramp due to their monthly’s, irritable bowel syndrome or even just simple over-eating


Nausea is a biggie, which can last throughout the third semester. Sorry, its true. But having said that 50% of woman don’t get nauseous as all

6.LITTLE MISS SLEEPYpregnancy-tiredness

Tiredness is a huge signal that something has changed in your body. Baby starts to drain your body of all its nutrients from the onset


An achy back is unfortunately a given with pregnancy and can start as early as a few weeks in and last throughout your term


While normally only an issue 6 to 8 weeks into pregnancy, frequent urination is a sure sign that something else is taking up space in your body


If you experience headaches from time to time, this too can be an early sign of pregnancy, normally due to the high rise in hormones in your body, but again, if you often get headaches, you may not notice

10.I WANT!

Put down that peanut butter, jelly and cheese sami! Yip, craving odd foods is a dead give away. Although for some the opposite is true. Many women go off foods that they normally would love or simply don’t know what they want to eat at all

Its important to know your body, before, during and after pregnancy. Only you and you alone will know when something is different. While many of these signs above can mean something else completely, it’s a good bet that if you are experiencing 5 or more of them, you are pregnant.

Tune in, listen with your gut and most times you will just know. A woman’s intuition into the oldest and most common cycle is as accurate as any pregnancy tester. So, take a deep breath, center your chakras and allow your body to tell you what the early signs of pregnancy are. You will be surprised that if you focus enough what wonders your temple can tell you.


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