4 Ways On How To Lose Fat After Pregnancy

Baby has arrived and you are ecstatic, all consumed with those cute sausage toes and button nose. Life is good and you couldn’t imagine feeling happier. Until the snotty-nosed pizza delivery guy asks you, "how far are you?"! You look in the mirror and realize your stomach still looks like you’re 3 months preggies! What?!

While it’s a worry, know that, with the right diet and exercise, your stomach will go back to what it was before. And now, there’s the catch. ‘what it was before’. Exactly what shape was your stomach in before? Exactly what shape was your stomach in before? Perhaps not the best and the flattest? But no matter, you can, in fact, reduce your tummy fat quite drastically after a baby and then some. So, with that all in mind, let us explore a few methods.


Young mother breastfeeding a baby in natureBreast-feeding is awesome for getting rid of that post-pregnancy fat. The act of breast-feeding aids weight loss. You can lose up to 300-500 calories daily!

The downside is that you need to consume more calories whilst you are breastfeeding, so best to make those extra calories healthy calories.


No longer can you use the excuse of eating for two (not that it was a reYoung woman eating a healthy saladason to eat more in the first place!) And your eating is paramount to losing those last few pounds. You can exercise yourself into oblivion but if what you put into your mouth and when you put it into your mouth is out of wack, then you are not going to see results. Try stick to this simple regime–300-calorie meals made up of low GI foods (a good mix of protein,

Try stick to this simple regime–300-calorie meals made up of low GI foods (a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats)

  • Eat every 2-3 hours
  • Drink loads of water (at least 2 liters a day)
  • If you're a Kim Kardashian, try her post-pregnancy eating plan.


Cardiovascular exercise should form part of your week at least every 2nd day. Whether it be walking, running, swimming, the stepper at gym, a box or Zumba class or even some dancing, get that heart rate up!


Running at the fitness clubEvery 2nd day include some strength workouts. This you can achieve with lightweights or resistance bands. If you are able to go to the gym, then try the Super Circuit, which entails stepping up and down on the steps and alternating with each of the equipment apparatus, normally a minute at a time.

Heart rate up – Heart rate down. Perfect calorie burning methodology. If you are not a gym bunny and only have your home space to work with, alternate your cardio with a lightweight workout (if you don’t have weights or resistance bands, you can use water bottles or tins of food) – this we call HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Brilliant Workouts!
You will notice that not once have I mentioned specific tummy exercises. That is because all of the above will aid your entire body. There is not an exercise out there that will get the fat on your tummy to fall off. You can do ab exercises till the cows come home and yes, you will have strong abs but the fat layer will remain, unless you have a good eating plan.

Work your entire body and you will see that layers of fat will peel away. As mentioned, the eating regime is vital. Focus mainly on what you are eating as well as when and you’re a huge leap closer to flattening that tummy. How to lose stomach after pregnancyEat lean – Train Insane. How to get rid of a tummy

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