Google has become our new BFF.  We google almost everything that we don’t know about, even why our husbands do that strange morning thing that’s becoming quite disturbing.

As a new Mom, there are loads we don’t know about.  Sure, our girlfriends and family members have lots to say, but sometimes, just sometimes, we don’t want to ask certain questions.

And in fact, how do we know that Jennifer really made it through 12 hours of labor with NO help.  NO gas, NO little blue happy pills, NO little needle up the back?  How is that even possible? Or did Mother actually breastfeed till you were 2 years old, and is it necessary that you do too?

Yip, those weird little questions that niggle at our mushy, preggy brains in the wee hours of the morning, when we cannot fall back to sleep. Those are the questions we hope to answer and in the frankest way possible.

So, while there are plenty of websites out there offering assistance in all shapes and sizes on the how-to, the what for, the where to go, and which one is best, we think that our easily navigating site and blog posts will have you coming back for more.

From shopping on a budget to which stroller is the best and everything in between, we have it all at HelloBabyBump.

Just kick back, put those swollen feet up on a soft cushion and click away.

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