The little one is finally here and we want you to focus all your attention on your little bundle of joy. So to help you do that, we at HelloBabyBump have put together some insights to make your life a little easier.

When To Worry About Baby Snoring

No one likes a snorer! No one! But when it's your baby, it can be kinda cute. Cute because generally it's like a baby bee noise. But when is it time to worry about your baby snoring? Why Do They Snore? As with adults, it has all to do with the nasal passages. As baby’s…
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When Do Babies Get Teeth And Other Helpful Facts

As mothers, we constantly wonder when all the milestones will happen with our new cherubs. When will they sit? When will they crawl? When will they talk? Developing teeth is also high on the list, especially when we are tired of mushing up foods.  It would be nice to actually cook food normally and not…
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The Perfect Humidifier For Baby

We all know that viruses and bacteria are commonplace in our world. We all know too that there are ways to preventing these ‘yuckies’ from infecting us, especially our little ones. Here are a few obvious ways: Eating healthy and clean Washing one's hands before and after eating Washing one's hands before and after using the…
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Time For A Change With The Best Changing Table

What’s the one thing that moms do the most of when baby is small? No, not sleeping. Definitely not sleeping. Oh, how we wish it was sleeping. But, alas, no. Guess again. Yes, change diapers. So it stands to reason that if this is the one activity you are going to do a lot of,…
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