The little one is finally here and we want you to focus all your attention on your little bundle of joy. So to help you do that, we at HelloBabyBump have put together some insights to make your life a little easier.

The 101 in Baby Travel Gear

Do you hyperventilate when you think of going out with the baby? Is the thought of all that preparation too much for you? Never mind just walking out the door, what about traveling long distance with your new bundle of joy? What you need is Baby Travel Gear. Fear not, we have the low down on…
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The Health, Safety and Why-You-Must-Own-One Facts about a Plug In Baby Swing

mom·bie [mom-bee] a woman who has a child and becomes a different person than she was before; her conversations revolve around toilet training, feeding schedules, and cleaning products; there’s a glazed look in her eyes and she appears to have been brainwashed…she’s not – she just hasn’t slept in five years. You have had baby glued…
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