Maybe you’re lucky enough that your first step out the front door is onto sunny beach sand. Maybe you and the family vacation to tropical islands every year or maybe you just love to walk on the beach. Whatever your beach thing is, you need a Beach Stroller.

Beach StrollerCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
The Baby Bug Jogger Child Beach StrollerA$$$$$
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single JoggerB$$
BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller, BlackA+$$$
Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging StrollerA$$$$$
Thule Chariot Cougar One-Child CarrierB+$$$$


One of the best activities for kids is running on a beach. Besides the fresh air, essential Vitamin D of the sun and the natural healing qualities of the seawater, the sand has a number of benefits too. Firstly, it acts as the perfect exfoliation for those often closed up little feet.   The effort required to push and pull their feet through the sand keeps young legs strong and pliant and in addition cushions their steps as well as their falls.

While all that is wonderful and overshadows a day spent indoors, staring at a TV screen, we all know that, with small people, they will, at some point, get tired and want to be picked up. All those benefits of being outdoors can make a little person very lethargic and cranky. And you all know that after a mile or two of lugging that wiggly bundle along, you will be wishing you had brought the stroller with. But most strollers wont navigate through sand very well, you say. Too true. Well, there are alternatives to the everyday lightweight stroller.

Reasons to invest in a Beach Stroller

Easy Peasy

From road to sand, a beach stroller can handle most terrains. Generally, they sport either wide, tackie-type, air-filled wheels or are made from a resistant type of rubber or plastic that can grip and pull you through the sand. Conventional stroller wheels will just sink into the sand, whether its compact, wet sand or soft, loose sand.

Super Strong

Because of the nature of your walks, i.e. off-road, hilly terrains, soft sand, gravel roads, beach strollers are built solid. They have good suspension to cushion all those bumps and jolts as you navigate your way with your little passenger. They need to be able to sustain a good few knocks and uneven ground.

Safe and Sound

As with your general stroller, the beach or jogging stroller will come equipped with a sun canopy to keep those harsh rays off your pumpkins sensitive skin and most times will also have a wind or rain shield for those less than pleasant days. To ensure you bundle doesn’t get thrown out of the stroller as you navigate strange terrains, most come with a harness, 5-point being the best.

Choices Choices Choices

While there are many jogger strollers on the market boasting an all terrain ability, many don’t live up to their boastings. We have handpicked a few that we feel do the beach run or walk justice.

While there are no real true beach/sand strollers and there will always be something about your chosen stroller that wont work to your liking, we hope that our researched options will help you make an informed decision.

Beach StrollerCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
The Baby Bug Jogger Child Beach StrollerA$$$$$
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single JoggerB$$
BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller, BlackA+$$$
Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging StrollerA$$$$$
Thule Chariot Cougar One-Child CarrierB+$$$$


The Baby Bug Jogger Child Beach Stroller

While there are no reviews at present on this innovative stroller, we were impressed, at face value, with the build and design.

beachstroller1The wheels are what stand out first, of course, which are made from low pressure Polyurethane. Tough, durable stuff this Polyurethane, often used in the wheels of skateboards, roller coasters and escalators, so you know that these wheels are sturdy and strong. Because of their width, these will move through the sand with ease. Think of the big wheels on those huge 4×4’s or any all terrain vehicle.

From a safety point of view, this stroller comes equipped with a 5-point adjustable harness to keep your little princess secure. We like that the multi-purpose reclining seat can accommodate from infants to a 40 lbs. child. To keep baby entertained, there is a snack tray with 2-cup holders, as well as a cute little toy steering wheel.

For all that beach gear there is an underneath large basket and 2 removable cargo bags. All round you’re pretty covered with this beach stroller. The price is a little hefty at $860 but if beach walking is your thing then this guy has you covered.


Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

beachstroller2Priced nice at $239 or $162 when on special, this jogger stroller will do just fine on the beach.

With the big rear wheels and manual locking front wheel you are assured of an easy navigation through most terrains. We particularly like the light aluminum frame and easy fold up ability. The car seat adaptor allows you to insert most brands of car seats.

A nice extra is that there are built in speakers in the canopy where you can plug in most MP3 players so you and baby can listen to the same music as you walk or jog. Overall a comfy ride with the exposed spring suspension and adjustable handlebar. Good buy!


BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller

beachstroller4Through snow or sand, BOB is your all terrain stroller. With big rear wheels and manual front locking wheels, you are guaranteed to get over gravel, rocks, sand and snow. Note that the front wheels also swivel, if you so choose, for easy maneuverability.

With its state of the art, adjustable suspension system as well as the padded and again adjustable reclining seat, your little babe will have a comfortable ride. For mom or dads comfort, the handlebar is padded and has 9 positions it can adjust to.

Easy to fold with its two-step fold system and lightweight frame, you are in for a treat at $479 (or $359 on special).


Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller

This all terrain stroller will do just nicely out on the beach.

81haHSMiWxL._SX522_Larger rear wheels and front swivel wheel with a tracking device will give your honey a smooth ride over most terrains.

Be sure to buckle your babe up with the 5-point harness and adjust the handlebars to suit your height and the type of terrain you are going to navigate.

For an extra cost you can purchase the adaptor to accommodate the Face-To-Face or Rear Facing seat and Carrycot. The brands that fit are Graco Snugride, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Maxi Cosi Mico and Cybex Aton.

Easy to fold up and store, as well as a full recline seat that can hold up to a 55 lbs. child, you are sure to be happy with this beach stroller. Decent price at $376.


Thule Chariot Cougar One-Child Carrier

Think adjustable. Think adaptable. Think awesome. The Thule Chariot, which also is available in a double option, is perfect for the sports fanatic, off-road or just “outdoorish” family.

beachstroller6From a simple stroller to bike trailer to skiing trailer, you have it all with this multipurpose stroller. Reviews show that this baby can manage on sand as well, so add to that impressive resume, a beach stroller.

The suspension adjusts to suit most terrains. The handlebars adjust, as well, to suit not only the pushers height but the type of terrain you intend to negotiate. With all these features and all round good reviews, we think the price of $540 is understandable. Check out Thule’s informative video:

So gather the kiddies and hubby together, grab your new beach stroller and head down to have fun in the sun, sand and sea.

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