There are some accessories that new moms may not think of right away but become apparent once the exciting time of being a mother begins! Everything in life is always trial and error, and this is no exception for first time mothers, and even those who have had children already. Some tasks will be made easier with the assistance of unique and innovative accessories that you may never have even hear of. For example, it is important to be as comfortable as possible while breastfeeding, and also to have support for your body and back. Although breastfeeding will be a process to learn and ease into, there are ways to make the process more comfortable for you. This is where nursing pillows are a life saver.

Nursing pillows not only help you to be more comfortable and relaxed, but also help with positioning and posture while breastfeeding. They are an important investment to consider for the new, breastfeeding mom. There is no shame at all in using a product to provide support to make breastfeeding easier, as many choose to stop breastfeeding due to struggles with latching. Many models also make breastfeeding more comfortable for the baby, so it is definitely a win-win situation with nursing pillows. To make shopping for this great item easier, we have compiled a list to compare some of the best nursing pillows on the market today.

My Breast Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

This nursing pillow is designed to alleviate neck, back, shoulder and arm pain by promoting proper posture. It wraps around the mother’s full body to allow the baby to lay down in a comfortable position while nursing. The design is great for allowing the baby to lay down, while assuring that they are safe from falling with the pillow being wrapped around the mother. This design even includes a pocket in which accessories such as nipple cream can be kept, so the breastfeeding mom will not have to get up and take the pillow off to get any needed items.

My Breast Friend features a machine-washable slipcover which can be fully removed and placed into the washing machine, however as it is made from comfy foam, it should not be placed in the washing machine or put into water. This product can only be spot-cleaned due to this, as submerging it in water will damage the foam and completely destroy the product.

Pros Cons
Machine washable cover can be removed

 Full, wrap-around design prevents the child from falling

 Pockets for storage of personal items create convenience

 Firm, flat design prevents baby from rolling out

 Adjustable to most sizes for the body wrap around

 Not machine washable

May shrink if not air-dried properly

Foam material is easily damaged

May be difficult to get out of if the mother must stand up

Strong foam smell, especially when brand new

Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner

This product boasts having been around for a while, being designed by a mom in 1989. There are many different slipcover designs to choose from, making it a great accessory on top of being practical and helpful. It does not come with a cover automatically, which is important to note as a cover will be necessary to prevent it from getting dirty fast. The baby can sit very comfortably on it, making it great for young babies who cannot crawl yet. In addition, it is suitable for babies aged 6 months to 9 months and provides balance for them. Rather than wrapping around the mother’s whole body in a 360 degree design, this brand is more so created to wrap around the front of the body or sit comfortably in the mother’s lap.

This pillow is not only great for use while breastfeeding, but also serves as a place for babies to sit or lay on their stomach. This nursing pillow is a practical product as it still has many uses as your baby grows, both as a place for them to sit and play. To make things all the better for parents, this product is machine washable for any messes that may occur. There is even a soft side and a firm side to choose from to provide the best comfort for your baby.

Pros Cons
Can be used from the ages of 0-12 months

 Wide array of slipcover designs to choose from

 Multiple uses, including as a place for the baby to sit on their own

 Fully machine washable

 Does not come with a slipcover or case included, must be purchased separately

May be more difficult to stay in place while breastfeeding as it does not latch around the mother’s body

Doesn’t have a lot of support to prevent movement

Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

This is a very unique nursing pillow as it features different elevations levels. Unlike the options which featured either a wrap-around body design or are just simply to be laid in one’s lap, this is fully adjustable to different heights. This allows the product to continue to be used as your baby grows, and it will last for a longer period of time.

This design is very portable, as it can be folded up to bring on the go. Moms will love that it is also machine washable, and can support multiple breastfeeding positions such as upright, football, or cross cradle. Like the Boppy, it was designed by moms for moms. The product folds up easily for storage and travel, however it does not have a cover. It is machine washable, but is noted as holding up better when spot cleaned with a damp cloth. There is no support wrap around, and it simply sits in the mother’s lap while breastfeeding.

Pros Cons
Multiple, adjustable heights for different stages of growth

 Good for all breastfeeding positions

 Can be used for multiple age groups/developmental stages

 Machine washable

 May not be tall enough to reach smaller breast sizes

Awkward hold for smaller babies

Pillow must be held/supported in addition to the baby

Does not secure to the mother

There are definitely a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the best nursing pillow for both yourself and you baby. The factors to be considered include its security on the body, safety and comfort for the baby, and ease of washing to prevent bacterial growth. Although the My Breast Friend boasts the most secure design, few options are able to be used for other purposes how the Boppy can, and even fewer feature adjustable heights. Be sure to always compare the pros and cons of each option to determine which product is going to make life easier for yourself and the baby.