We celebrate everything baby related here, from baby showers to trimesters and even birthdays. Come and celebrate with us as we look at all the tips and tricks and celebrating with your little one.

What’s The Deal With Baby Shower Game Gifts?

When you have a bunch of ladies together in one room and most have never met, you most definitely need an ice breaker. At a Baby Shower, where hormones are riding high for our Mom-To-Be you better have some goodies or the whole day might turn out to be a wash-out. Baby Shower Games are…
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What Baby Shower Cake Sayings Are Most Popular?

You have found the perfect cake for your BFF but now you’re stuck as to what inscription will work well! Don’t fret! We have done a little research and are happy to reveal what Baby Shower Cake Sayings are the most popular. However, if you don’t like any we have provided then here are a…
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Help! I’m Stuck On Baby Shower Sayings

Don’t worry, we hear you! You’re about to go to (or have just been to) a baby shower, and as etiquette goes, we need to have a card to express our thanks and best wishes. But what to say? How much to write? Not to worry, I have you covered. I’ve been to many baby…
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