Once junior starts going to a Daycare, you will be required to pack a little lunch for him. To avoid tearing your hair out over the complete boredom of putting together the same lunch over and over, here are some simple daycare lunch ideas to save you.

Most toddlers go through a stage of fussiness so it’s important to keep the choices varied each day. That way you will know what he is willing to try and what he stamping-footing will not.

Err on the side of finger foods only. Don’t go pack in a yogurt and a spoon cause most times this will come back unopened (and sour) or he will attempt to open it and make a real mess.

Egg Salad and Fruit

Yes, we said salad. But not the conventional salad like you and I would pack in. A finger salad.

  • One boiled egg – cut in twohow_to_peel_a_hard-boiled_egg_1_horiz
  • Cucumber wedges (with or without the green skin)
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Carrot sticks
  • A few grapes

Pretty Pasta

  • Yes, this is still a finger food.
  • Animal or alphabet pasta
  • Cut up viennas
  • Cubes of cheese
  • A sliced apple (be sure to packet this or it will go brown)

Pancake Party

njemacke-palacinke1Who doesn’t like pancakes?

  • Roll a pancake up with nut butter spread of some kind (peanut butter being the fave)
  • thinly slice a banana to added flavor
  • Add in some berries like wedges of strawberries or a few blueberries
  • Scatter 2 tablespoons of Homemade Granola over the pancake roll.

Milkshake and Burger Diner

Make your own milkshake by blending full-fat milk and raspberries – bottle in a spill-free sippy bottle and there you go! mini-cheeseburgers

Add to this a little baby whole-wheat roll layered with a thin burger patty and mozzarella cheese.

To make you feel like he is getting his daily dose of fruit and veg, slip in some cucumber fingers or watermelon slices

Tortilla Tease

Back-To-School-Lunch-Pizza-Pinwheels-Whole-wheat tortillas spread with hummus or soft goats cheese and a mashed sweet potato will go down quite nicely. If they are not so adventurous try thinly sliced ham and a little cheese. Be sure to roll or wrap it all up tightly so it doesn’t fall apart when they pick it up in their tiny hands. Shredded carrots will create loads of fun and hopefully, he will get some down his throat too.

Good Old Sami

Yes, sandwiches are just fine for daycare lunch ideas. Wholegrain or at least whole-wheat is better and you can layer the bread with cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers. Try a little mayo and see if they like that.

Always add a veg or fruit. Grapes always work well or even a banana. (The fun is in the peeling).  If your buddy doesn’t mind the skin pop in an apple.

Simple Stix

vegan-bread-sticksBread sticks are good. Try finding the whole grain variety and popping them into a little double divided container where you can put a little tomato sauce or if they like it, some hummus for dipping, on the one side.

Add to this a fave fruit of their choice. Plums are great but we suggest you de-pip it first.

Veggie Surprise

If your little guy likes his veg, then why not put together a combo like this.

  • Corn (cooked and off the cob – just a few kernels)
  • Broccoli florets (raw)
  • Carrot cubes
  • Bits of bacon

For a treat – lightly sugar sprinkled strawberries in a separate sealable bowl. Daycare lunch ideas needn’t be boring! Just a little creative thinking and a willing child are all it takes. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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