When it comes to a parent on the go, many products will be necessary for purchase for your baby. With strollers, car seats, baby carriers, and more, there are many things to consider for each scenario and need that may arise. It can be overwhelming at first, but there are several bundles that you can purchase, which already include some items that you will need. For example, a baby stroller with a car seat transfer is a great place to start as it includes the items you will need both in the car and out.

Among tons of strollers and car seats for different ages, the Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System is a fantastic value as it includes a lightweight baby stroller and infant car seat transfer for a similar price to many of the simpler stroller only options. This car seat and stroller combination has many fantastic amenities to make life easier for the baby and the parent. Purchasing a bundle not only makes life easier for knocking out two needs at once, but it is also a great advantage to purchase as many items as possible from the same company/maker in case replacement parts or items are needed. We will delve into all of the components that make the Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System a great option for parents looking to purchase a great value bundle for their baby.

The stroller included in the Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System holds up to 50 pounds and has various height adjustments (up to 38 inches recommended). The product weighs 38.5 pounds with all components, making it lightweight and easily transported. The entire combo includes a multipurpose carriage, stroller, and car seat combo–each being durable and safety-tested. This car seat and stroller combo feature the Sarema Infant Car Seat and Safe Zone Base. The Safe Zone Base by Evenflo allows you to transfer from vehicle to vehicle easily. This brand has been around for nearly 100 years, adding to its credibility.

The stroller is extremely versatile, allowing the child to be rotated in any direction. They can be facing out or facing you—whichever option is preferred for your day out and commute, as well as the child’s comfort. The canopy is removable, as is the armbar, to make it easy to transfer from the stroller to the car seat. This stroller, carriage, and car seat model is everything you could need all in one, especially for traveling. It contains carriage, travel system, and frame stroller modes. Few strollers can boast the type of versatility and options that the Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System can, including a storage basket, safe-zone base, and blanket boot (foot and leg covers for colder weather).

There are a number of great safety features to the stroller and car seat. An anti-rebound bar prevents too much rebound when hitting an object or curb, creating more safety for the baby. The belt lock-off system provides peace of mind, and the travel seat has been impacting tested for both side impact and rollover. In addition, the canopy of the stroller protects from all of the elements, with a peek-a-boo window for those beautiful, sunny days. Evenflo products, including the Pivot Modular Traveling System, are known for being extensively safety tested and reliable, making it a common choice for even the most concerned parents.

As the name suggests, the Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System is a great option for busy parents. The 2-foot-long storage basket is great for those on the go. Evenflo even offers live chat and customer service support for any questions that may arise about the product. With all of the components this bundle comes with, this can be a lifesaver, especially for first-time parents or those new to the Evenflo line of products.

A drawback to the Evenflo system is that it is not portable—the items are not collapsible or as easy to transport as many stroller models but do also contain a car seat, unlike most options on the market. The ability to transport the items is extremely important to most parents for obvious reasons, including getting the stroller itself to the place where it will ultimately be used. The base is not interchangeable with other brands of infant seats; it has a very wide frame, and the front wheels are not multi-directional and smooth on all terrains. Evenflo products can only be used with each other, making them less versatile than some other options on the market today. Although coming with multiple components is extremely convenient in theory, it does not come with adjustable shoulder pads for the straps.

For the convenience of buying multiple items at once, there will of course, be some drawbacks as well as advantages:

Pros Cons
Multiple components

 Lightweight stroller and car seat

 Adjustable height

 Extensively safety tested

 Storage basket included

 Safety Zone Base included, compatible for multiple vehicles

 Blanket boot for cold days/nights

 Anti-rebound bar

 Belt lock-off system prevents the seatbelt from loosening

 Customer support available

 Items are not collapsible—difficult to transport

Base is not interchangeable with other car seats and other brands

Frame is very wide

Front wheels are not multi-directional

Does not move smoothly on tougher terrains

Shoulder pads are not adjustable

Overall, the Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System has its positive and negative aspects, as is to be expected when buying any product as a bundle with multiple components. Preferences will play a massive role in the practicality of this item for purchase. However, the many positive features of the bundle, as well as the safety and credibility of the Evenflo brand, make it an excellent option for parents looking to purchase multiple items at once for great value. The Evenflo Pivot Modular Traveling System is an excellent option for those looking for a great, safe value for their children.