Every homeowner has that style they love and want to reflect in their living space. Without kids, getting around to home improvements is easy—because you have a lot more time on your hands! But with parenthood comes other priorities, including taking care of that bundle of joy. Most parents put those décor ideas on the back burner as the kids grow up. Well, even with the kids around, you probably agree that nice décor brings a lot of joy into your home. Think of the splash of wall color you have always dreamed of or that new floor! It’s all possible. You only have to make all your décor ideas family-friendly. The ones you choose have to be safe and practical for a family house. Take a quick journey through some simple but fantastic family-friendly décor ideas to consider.

Best Family-Friendly Decor Ideas

Use Your Kids’ Art

Kids love art, and they will always have a new project going on. You might not have the next Picasso in your household, but this doesn’t mean you can’t put your kids’ art to good use. Consider choosing the most symbolic pieces and frame them for wall decorations. Your kids will love seeing their work on the wall. This is also a creative way to add some splash of color to your living space.

Create an Adults-Only Space

With kids around, you need a sanctuary where you can collect your thoughts. If you have enough space in your house, find a nook where the grown-ups can relax for serious talks or for some alone time.

Open up the Floor Layout

Most homeowners plan tight floor plans to maximize space. But this only helps up to a point. You’ll realize that you don’t need all that clutter on your floor with a growing family, and you need the open space more. Opening up the layout is one of the best family-friendly décor ideas. Your kids can play on the floor with no risk of accidents. You’ll also have more time to bond. Open up the floor plan in the dining area, game room, and family room. Let everyone feel comfortable moving around.

Invest in New Furniture

The mention of décor for most homeowners conjures images of wall decorations and fittings. Now, look at your living room and consider what influences the overall look. From the sofa to the tables, you’ll agree these pieces are an integral part of your living room décor. When you consider any home improvement project, start with family-friendly furniture that’s safe and comfy. Think of sectional sofas that can accommodate everyone in the family. You have a versatile range of colors, styles, and materials to choose from when you buy new furniture. Consider the overall look of the décor you want to achieve. Compare products from Home of Cozy to find the best items. For tables, avoid glass or other hard materials—for the protection of all members of your family—and instead go with ottomans which are safe, large, and lightweight.

Experiment with Colors

As your kids grow, you’ll soon learn what they love. That’s when it becomes easier to integrate their décor preferences into your plans. Color is essential for any decorative project, and you need to have everyone on board. Remember colors affect mood, behaviors, and feelings, so get the right colors for every room. The last thing you want is for everyone to complain about the living room colors or the look of the new bedroom. Have a fun brainstorming session with the kids and let everyone have a go at the décor colors. Play around with ideas and develop the perfect color palette to suit your home and the family’s varying tastes.

Use Books as Art

In every home, you find lots of books—often passed down through generations. Whether you have ardent readers, you can bring your décor to life with some innovative use of books. Bookshelves are the basis for a meaningful and creative display in every room. Most of the kids’ books come with colorful covers. This adds some brightness to their spaces. What’s more, by displaying books prominently, you encourage the family to read more because they have books nearby.

Add a Family Photos Display

Family photos are treasures—they record milestones. While digital technology has changed things, you can still integrate these beautiful analog family memories into your décor. Rather than display the photos in the living room, choose more personal space—for instance, the playroom or the hallway opening up to the bedrooms. Such spaces are difficult to decorate, and the family photos provide a simple solution.

Dedicate Play Space

Most parents make their homes kids-ready but forget to make upgrades as the kids grow. One of the easiest ways to create some order in your home is to designate some play space. This gives the kids a place to be outside the living room. It can also prevent accidents in the adult space. Get the right flooring and toys for the playroom to encourage safety. Of course, colors come in handy for this space. You can even bring in the kids for some fun painting work!

Last Words

Who said you couldn’t give your home its groove back even with kids around? It calls for some creativity and collaboration. The safety of the family comes first when you redecorate your home. Create enough room, designate play areas, and experiment with colors for a beautiful yet family-friendly home.