So, your little one still believes in the magic of Christmas, and you want to keep the wonder alive for one more year. As parents, we have the unique opportunity to help create lasting memories through small acts of enchantment. One of the most cherished traditions is writing “letters from Santa” on Christmas Eve. You want it to sound believable yet still capture the whimsical spirit of the season. With some inspiration and these helpful tips, you’ll be crafting a letter from the North Pole in no time. Before you know it, you’ll hear the pitter-patter of little feet on the stairs Christmas morning and see the amazement and joy on your child’s face.

How to Write an Authentic Santa Letter

The Perfect Letter from Santa

Every kid dreams of getting a letter from the big guy himself. To make Christmas magic for your little ones, here are some tips for crafting an authentic-looking letter from Santa:

Personalize it. Mention your child by name, age, hometown, and maybe their friends or teachers. Santa knows these kinds of details! Describe your child’s interests, hobbies, and perhaps their Christmas wish list. Kids will appreciate how Santa knows them.

Use festive but old-fashioned language. Words like “merry,” “joyful,” “wondrous,” “tidings,” and “Yuletide cheer” help set the scene. Santa would use amicable but formal language. Sign it as “Santa Claus” or maybe “Father Christmas”.

Discuss preparations at the North Pole. Talk about feeding the reindeer, checking the naughty/nice list, and packing the sleigh. Describe the elves’ work in Santa’s workshop. Kids will love imagining the Christmas hubbub at the North Pole

Set the right tone. Keep things positive, cheerful, and whimsical. Encourage your child to continue being good. Santa expresses caring, warmth, and belief in the magic of childhood.

Proofread carefully. Double-check for errors before sealing the envelope from the North Pole and leaving it for your child to discover. You can convince your little one with the correct details and tone that it came straight from Santa himself!

Tailoring the Letter to Your Child

Creating a personalized experience for your child will make the letter from Santa even more special. Tailor the letter by mentioning your child’s interests, accomplishments, and events from the past year.

For example, you could write:

  • I heard you started taking piano lessons this year. Keep practicing, and I’m sure you’ll be playing Christmas carols for me soon!
  • Congratulations on making the soccer team. I’ll be cheering you on from the North Pole! Keep up the excellent work.
  • Moving to a new school was scary, but you’ve made many new friends. I’m so proud of you for your kindness and bravery.

You could also refer to your family’s holiday traditions or inside jokes to show Santa’s familiarity. For example:

We’ll leave chocolate chip cookies out for me again this year – those are my favorite! Don’t worry, and I’ll be sure to save a few for Buddy the Elf.

Adding personalized details like these will convince your child that the letter is from Santa. Keep the tone lighthearted and focus on the magic of Christmas. Most importantly, convey your love, encouragement, and pride in your child to make this a letter they’ll treasure for years.

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive

While crafting a personalized letter from Santa is a fun family tradition, remember the true meaning of the season – hope, joy, and goodwill. We are wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

Ideas for Presenting the Letter

Once you have crafted the perfect letter from Santa, it’s time to build the anticipation and bring the North Pole magic to life. Here are some ideas to make Christmas Eve extra special:

Present the Letter

Place the letter in an envelope from the North Pole and leave it prominently displayed for your child to discover on Christmas Eve. You can even use a wax seal for an authentic touch. For younger kids, have them find the envelope in a place where Santa or his reindeer may have left it, like by the fireplace, under the tree, or on the doorstep.

Track Santa’s Journey

Check a website like NORAD Tracks Santa to follow Santa’s Christmas Eve travels. Please have your child track where Santa is on his journey to get a sense of how close he is to delivering their presents. It helps build excitement and wonder.

Set Out Milk and Cookies

Leave a little snack out for Santa as a thank you for his long journey and in exchange for the presents he’ll be leaving. Homemade chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk are always a classic choice. You can even put a little note for Santa in your child’s handwriting.

  • Reindeer Food: Have your child make reindeer food to leave out for Santa’s reindeer. Mix oats, glitter, and sprinkles and leave in a container near the milk and cookies. After all, the reindeer need to keep their energy up for the long flight!
  • Footprints: Create fake reindeer footprints with felt or cardboard, scatter them from the fireplace or door to where you’ve set out the treats, and finally, proceed to the Christmas tree. Your child will love imagining the reindeer landing on the roof and walking through the house.

These extra little touches will bring the magic of Christmas and Santa’s visit to life for your child. Sweet dreams of sugar plums and reindeer will surely follow!


Writing a letter to Santa is a fun Christmas activity. So, there are a few tips to help you craft an authentic-sounding letter from the big man himself. With a bit of time and creativity, your little believers are utterly convinced that Santa took the time to send them a personal note. And while the magic of Christmas may fade for us over the years, through the eyes of a child, it’s a wonder that never gets old. So do your part to keep that wonder alive and that belief in magic strong. Write from the heart, speak of Christmas joy, and gently sign it. Before you know it, you’ll hear squeals of delight on Christmas morning at the thought that Santa knows them and cares.