So we searched the net for funny pregnancy pictures out there, and found loads. In addition we decided to slip in a few weirdos and a video clip or two. Hope you have a good laugh and take it in the fashion of funny that it’s intended.

Pregnant woman with doughnuts

Well, we just think this pic is too cute.  Who doesn’t like a donut table? We all know that feeling?  Isn’t that adorable?  Goodness, she didn’t waste any time putting a bun back in the oven!

A bit of a funny baby announcement but we think is super creative!


Look how nervous he looks? Ha Ha!


Another cutie announcement! One for the album!


Good idea – I wonder if she popped sooner or later than March 2014?

Ok, here’s a weird one – Myley, what do you think?


Two words – Hell No!


OMG!  I don’t have words …


Not sure if I would be bragging about this?!! But is hilarious!

What else can I say with this cute parody !

Oh Heck! What were they thinking?


I’m gobsmacked!


And we saved the best for last – because mother nature is simply amazing!


Hope you had a little chuckle with our crazy funny pregnancy pictures.

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