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asdgWhether you’re a seasoned Mom and have popped out a few or a newbie, panicked and scared, you need a reminder of what you should take with you to the hospital. Besides that preggie brain rearing its forgetful head, the moment when you realize its time, can make even an accountant forget his timetables.

But, I’ve booked my date so I know exactly when I will be giving birth, you say. No matter. A simple, tick-and-go list is essential because baby sometimes doesn’t stick to your diary booking.

Tit For Tat

Most hospital bag checklist options focus only on Mom and baby, but we are going to give Dad a list too ,because after all he was 50% responsible for the situation you’re in and some Dads have been known to have a bout of preggie mush brain too.

Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom

Comfort ZonePregnant woman sleeping on bed, high angle view

  1. Your best and most comfortable, stretchy PJ’s
  2. That one pillow you cannot sleep without
  3. A good, fall asleep book or audio cd (Audible from Amazon is brilliant)
  4. Music (for you and baby)

Essential Essentials

  1. Birth Plan
  2. Feeding bras (take at least 4)
  3. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  4. Shampoo and Conditioner
  5. Shower Gel and Deodorant
  6. Perfume
  7. Makeup bagfeeding
  8. Hairband or Hairclips
  9. Pads and specific after-birthing pads
  10. Soothing bath salts (for that essential soothing bath afterwards, if you give natural birth)
  11. Breast Feeding Pads
  12. Nipple Cream
  13. Nursing pillow
  14. Change of Clothing (extra PJ’s and a nice, comfy outfit for when visitors arrive)
  15. Your oh-so-granny-style gown
  16. Flip-flops or slippers
  17. Warm socks (the feet can get cold)
  18. Feeding blanket (for when guests arrive and baby just has to have some Momma)
  19. Snacks (while the hospital keeps you fed really well, you may just want a little in between snack) – Biltong, nuts, rice cakes and fruit are winners

Yes, this is the long list.

Keeping in Contact

  1. Cell Phone and chargerfront-1393846082939.flat
  2. Laptop and Wi-Fi Dongle (although some hospitals have Wi-Fi)
  3. iPad or Tablet (to pass the time whilst in labor) Download some mind-numbing games too before
  4. Set up a group emailing list or Whatsapp group so you can let all your important contacts know what’s potting and when baby has arrived

Baby Be Baby

  1. Diapers and changing creams, cloths and powdersil_fullxfull.776116019_n8le
  2. Change of clothing for at least 3 days
  3. Pacifiers (just in case)
  4. Bottles (also just in case)
  5. A soft warm and cool blanket
  6. Bibs
  7. Wet Wipes
  8. That special going home outfit

I want to go Home!

  1. Going home outfit (again something comfy and breast feeding acceptable)
  2. Baby Seat for car
  3. Comfy shoes
  4. Sunglasses

Hospital Bag Checklist For DadMan Holding Up an Infant

  1. Change of clothing (if he plans to stay a few hours)
  2. Toiletries (again if he plans to stay long and wants a quick wash and teeth brush)
  3. Snacks and energy drink
  4. Cell Phone, charger and Camera or Video Camera
  5. iPad/Tablet, Laptop, chargers and IPod to pass the time
  6. A good book , magazine or newspaper
  7. The celebratory champagne and cigar
  8. Set up group email or Whatsapp group to send out that special message (if Mom hasn’t already done so)
  9. Little welcome gift for baby and Mom

Have your bag of wonders ready for whenever the time may be. About 2 months from due date should be safe. Check it, print it and start the ticking.

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