When you are a parent, you are always looking at new ways to keep your children busy and keep them as engaged as possible. You may have a living room or playroom full of toys, but how often does your toddler play with all the toys that they have? Usually, you will find that they reach out to certain toys or objects to include in their play most of the time. Giving your children too many choices, and too many types of toys, can overstimulate them and discourage them from using their minds and their creativity.

So, to ensure that you are fostering their growth through play and education, what toys can you buy, and what questions should you be asking yourself?

Quality over Quantity

When you are looking at new toys, it is important to remember that it is not always the number of toys you have that matters, it is the quality. You can, of course, purchase lots of cheap toys for your toddler to use and play with, but you must think about what value they will get out of them.

Purchasing lots of toys and sacrificing quality may not be beneficial for your toddler and their early development. It may cause unnecessary distractions for them, and it may even leave them feeling overwhelmed. When you focus on quality over quality, you can be sure that you give your toddlers toys that will grow and develop alongside them, and not ones that will end up at the dump in a few weeks.

Toys That Can Be Built

Giving your toddler ready-made toys can be fun, but if you want to entertain them for hours, you need to give them toys that they can build and construct on their own (or with minimal supervision). When you give children the opportunity to create and build their own creations, you foster their curiosity. You encourage them to problem solve, and you encourage them to play independently too. Giving your child the freedom to construct a house, or boat by themselves will spark their imagination.

CreateOn knows how important building and construction are to the minds and development of toddlers and children, and with magnetic tiles, children can have hours of fun and creativity that knows no bounds, their ranges including the Sesame Street Magnatiles will allow your toddler can build their favorite characters and bring them to life. Just make sure that the toys you buy are age-appropriate, so there’s no danger from small pieces, and so on.

Reviews and Recommendations

It can be hard choosing and select the right toys for your toddlers, and sometimes it helps to get feedback from other parents and caregivers. Utilizing reviews and recommendations will be beneficial to you and your search.

Looking at what other users and parents have said about particular toys or ranges will give you food for thought. When you have reviews that you can realtor and utilize, you can then make informed decisions and purchases that will aid your children’s learning and development.