It’s that time of the year again when you’re wracking your brain on what to do with all those crazy, noisy kids at the next birthday party. If there is one bit of advice we can give you, it would be to be organized. Kids thrive in an organized, structured environment, and a birthday party is no exception. While they do need the freedom to go a little mad, run around, shout, and express themselves, there comes that time when you need to re-group them.

You can also arrange for destination kid birthday parties san antonio to double up the fun while keeping it all indoors. From fun physical activities to food and cakes, these destinations arrange everything to make the day special for your kid and their friends.

So, don’t fret, don’t stress, take a few of these cool, fun indoor kids’ party games, and know that your kid’s day will be super sensational.


A simple game that will have the kids excited by jumping around.

What You Need:

  • Lotrsz_1rsz_happy_balloons,jpgs of balloons. You can buy them from your trusted party supplier, like Pom Pom Party.
  • Small pieces of paper to put inside balloons
  • Pen
  • Prizes

What Happens?

The kids get to pop the balloons and find out what prize they have from the piece of paper.


An old fave!

What You Need:

  • A soft blindfold like a scarf or mask
  • Lots of enthusiastic kids

What Happens?children-playing-blind-mans-buff

One child, normally the birthday kid, starts and will be blindfolded. He will have to try to find the other kids. The idea of this indoor kids’ party is that when she or he does, they must guess who that person is by feeling their face. There can be prizes for when they do guess.


A little like hide and seek, but this time, someone hides an item, like a small button or toy, and the rest of the kids try to find it.

What You Need:

  • A small item like a fave toy, a small trinket
  • A Prize for the winner

What Happens?

One kid hides the site, and then the rest come back into the room to find it. To add to this, clues can be given, like how close they are or ideas as to where it has been hidden


What You Need:

  • Cool, vibey music you can switch on and off
  • Willing kids
  • A small prize14360001591747623413happy-little-kids-jumping-and-dancing

What Happens?

The kids must dance about, and when the music stops, they must freeze. The first to move is out. The last to be standing is the winner.


Always popular!

What You Need:

  • Little hidden treasures like small toys or books
  • A map to guide them on their hunt

What Happens?rsz_1rsz_treasure-hunt

Each child gets a map, and they must try to find all the hidden prizes. The suggestion is that once they find a treasure, they must stop so that each child gets a chance to find something. Have enough so that each child gets a treasure


Loads of laughter and giggles here!

What You Need:

  • A potato or any small item, but a potato works best so they can pretend the potato is hot and must pass quickly

What Happens?

Sit the kids in a circle. Place a potato or any item really in the one child’s hands. The music goes on, and they must pass the potato around. When the music stops, the one holding the potato must leave the group. Carry on till there is one person left. Games for kids are best when they are simple and of course age appropriate.
Big group of happy children with balloons at white wall

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