Have you heard about the Maclaren quest stroller and want to know more? We have put together a review of one of the most popular choices among parents. In this article, we will delve into the features of this compact umbrella fold stroller, in addition to seeing how it stacks up amongst other choices in the market today. With this knowledge, the decision should be a bit easier to make and provide insight into the types of features and accessories to keep an eye out for.

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Strollers are an important investment for your baby; after all, they will need to be brought with you to most places that you go so that your baby can go along with you. It is impossible to rely only on carriers and slings, especially for active and busy parents on the go. Since the stroller will be essential for a good portion of the baby’s life and your own, there are many important factors to consider–including safety, durability, and portability, to name a few. In addition, there are important cost factors to think about as well, and what features are the most important to you personally (does it come with extra space to hold personal items or cup holders?).


The Maclaren stroller is one of the most advanced models of umbrella strollers on the market today. This product is fully functional and comes with all of the features one would expect of a stroller and more. Ideal for babies up to 55 pounds, this design is great for newborns and small children alike. As comfort for the child is a necessity, Maclaren has made versatility for the interior of the product a top priority. The hood is roomy to create a soothing environment for the baby, with an elevated seat that sits higher than the standard stroller and can be adjusted to preference.

MacLaren strollers are extremely versatile and easy to manage, both in terms of movement and portability. The aluminum frame is tailored to be lightweight, helping with ease in transporting the stroller to your destination. No heavy lifting is definitely a huge plus for the on-the-go parent or family! The stroller boasts being one of the most lightweight of buggies and folds with an auto-lock to store just about anywhere. Despite being made of lightweight aluminum, it is credited as being very sturdy while still remaining versatile and easy to move on any terrain and at any speed.


Since your stroller will ultimately need to be used outdoors at some point, the elements are an important factor to consider when choosing the best stroller for your baby. The rain cover is wind-resistant, with a tether strap, to prevent any sort of unforeseen disaster with the weather. The hood can provide full coverage, with a window, to protect from any and every unexpected forecast. It is waterproof for rainy days, with a hood that will protect the baby during unexpected rain. It is also a lifesaver for the baby’s sensitive skin, with a built-in sun visor for even the balmiest of summer strolls. The stroller is designed with every scenario in mind, making it a fantastic choice for those concerned the most about their baby’s safety.

In addition to the great safety features, the parts are easy to replace, with items such as wheels, seats, hoods, and grips available for self-service replacement. The wheels are a favorite amongst parents due to their ease of replacement, lightweight design, and very easy maneuvering. The Maclaren Quest Stroller also features foot-operated, linked breaks. One of the primary features setting it apart is that it has four one-hand recline seat positions (with a removable seat) and the extendable leg rest is exclusive with this and Maclaren’s other “newborn and up” models. It has a built-in newborn safety system, and is carrycot compatible. However, this model does not feature extendable handles.

The stroller features a number of great features that parents will enjoy as well. The wheels are designed to prevent squeaking and can be easily cleaned if any noises or issues should occur. The stroller features a more neutral, stylish physical appearance than many of the flashy designs on the market today, which is definitely a plus for parents looking to have the most sophisticated and stylish options. It is offered in silver, black, white, or gray. The fabric of the carrycot Is removable and washable for those inevitable spills and accidents. This model even has a bumper bar already included with the purchase. However, it is not compatible with buggy boards and does not have compatible car seat adapters.

The stroller obviously has a number of features that set it apart from other umbrella strollers on the market, but how does it stack up to other strollers in its line? Maclaren features 6 different stroller models, with the Quest being one of the middle-ground options in terms of the product’s weight. It is suitable for newborns, like about half of their models, with the others starting at 6 months and up. All models feature self-service replaceable parts and a waterproof hood with a sun visor. However, the Quest stands out with its extendable leg rest with memory position and carrycot compatibility.

Pros and Cons

This stroller definitely has a lot of features to consider, but to sum up what we have learned about this stroller:

Pros Cons
Roomy hood space

 Adjustable seat

 Lightweight, aluminum frame

 Sturdy design

 Portable, folding design

 Waterproof, element protection for any weather

 Stylish design

 Works on all terrain types

 Carrycot compatible

 Not compatible with buggy boards

No compatible car seat adapter

Does not have extendable handles

After reviewing all the features and weighing the pros and cons, it can be concluded that the positive features far outweigh any concerns about this model of stroller. With its safety features, versatility on multiple terrain types, and ease of self-service, this product is a great option for any parent looking for a safe and affordable stroller model. Although the best option for your baby’s unique needs will ultimately require additional research into other models, the Maclaren Stroller is definitely a stand-out option with fantastic safety features and a stylish design to be the envy of all parents.