toilet-training-for-twinsIt seems like a stressful period in your life as well as your little buddies, but essentially it isn’t. Peeing into a toilet or urinal will become second nature for him, eventually and you may even wish you had never taught him.

Boys love anything taboo or what you may consider taboo. From pooing, farting and all the way to boobs – anyone’s boobs.

So, it makes you think that you need to hone in on that whilst teaching your little rascal how to pee without the assistance of his diaper.

Make It Fun

Little boy sitting on potty with newspaperBoys need fun, as do girls, but the fun needs to be a little different for our puppy-dog-tails. Don’t rush him; he will do it in his own time. Patience is of the essence here. Here are a few fun activities to spur your bud on and make potty training boys a good time:

  1. Colored water in the toilet so he can see what happens when he pees into it
  2. iPad’s or tablets work wonders – for a poo, that is. Sit them down, give them a few games to play on the tablet and see what happens
  3. If Dad is willing, the copycat method is awesome. Who doesn’t want to be a big boy like Dad?
  4. Superhero underpants – he may not want to go shopping for them, but if you present them to him, I’m sure he will be excited about having Buzz Lightyear or Hulk displayed on his undies

The How To Of Potty Training Boys

indexIt can be a daunting task for a Mom to explain to their son how to stand, hold, aim and pee when you don’t have one of those contraptions yourself.

But you could improvise by holding a baby carrot or a similarly sized and shaped item to demonstrate. Laughter may ensue but that makes it all the more fun.

You may want to start your son sitting for a wee, like with girls, but you will find he will naturally start to stand and pee as he gets used to it. It is so much quicker to stand anyway and time is of the essence. Just remember to get him to aim properly and if he messes to wipe up.s-l1000

A little Ping-Pong ball in the toilet is always a winner for our sharp shooters. Incentive based charts do wonders too. As he gets it right he can accumulate stars or rewards of your choice.

Sure Signs

Look out for these signs that your little guy needs to go and how to make it easier for him:

  1. Naked – yes, little boys love to be naked! And this will assist him and you in knowing when he needs to pee
  2. Accessibility – make his little potty or step and seat very accessible to him – even go as far as designating a toilet (if you use the step and seat option) just for him
  3. Jumping around, clutching himself, making little noises are also signs that he is, most probably by that stage, bursting to go

We know that every little boy learns to pee and poo on his own at some point. Some just take a little longer than others, as is normal. Average age is anytime from 2 years old to 3, sometimes sooner.

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