Pregnancy is already difficult enough for most women. How much more after birth where a new mother may not have a single clue on how to care for a newborn, despite having read dozens of books and guides on how to do it.

It’s crazy to think that just as a woman becomes a mother, she herself needs some mothering. Your attention should be on the baby but that doesn’t mean you should forget to take care of yourself otherwise, you are vulnerable to postpartum depression. Even the little things will count.

Here are some ways that you as a new mother can care for yourself, after giving birth to your child.

Eat the Right Food

This is not the time to be conscious about your post-pregnancy weight. You can worry about that later when you’ve grown accustomed to caring for your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, it’s important that you nourish yourself with the right kinds of foods. Make sure to include vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, and protein in your diet. This is to help you function optimally at this especially demanding time. You will probably be sleep deprived but at least your body is fuelled with important nutrients.

Get as Much Sleep

As mentioned earlier, you will be sleep deprived when this baby comes. But you can still catch some shuteye. The trick is to sleep when your baby sleeps. Your baby will be waking up every two to three hours to feed. After feeding, they’ll eventually fall back asleep again which is prime time for you to sleep on your comfortable mattress also.

Ask for Help

Being a new parent can be overwhelming for you and your partner. You will probably do fine on your own but it’s best to have an extra helping hand to fulfill household responsibilities. This allows you to focus on your needs and the baby. Most people have a family or friend who can help. If you don’t have those nearby, consider getting a paid home care provider. Sure, it’s an extra cost but you get peace of mind knowing that the house is still running smoothly.

Express your Feelings

Your emotions will be on a rollercoaster after birth. You will experience a range of feelings that can make it difficult to get through the day. Do not be stressed when you do. It’s completely normal to have these feelings. Accept them as they are and talk to your partner about it. You can even write it in a journal. Put it all out there as a way to unburden yourself. You’ll find yourself feeling better after you do this.

Say No!

During this time, you can enjoy the privilege of saying no to things that don’t serve you or your baby. Do not be afraid to reject commitments that you don’t really want to do. Remember, this period for you can be really overwhelming. The last thing you want is another to-do item on your list. Who has time to entertain family or make the floor look pristine when you have a baby who needs every second of your attention? Most people will be very understanding and demand less from you when you set your boundaries from the very beginning.

Get Some Sun

Last but not the least, get some sun even for just a few minutes. Daylight can be uplifting and it will remind you that there is a world out there to come back to after you have mastered the art of caring for a baby. This will help you get that much-needed vitamin D as well as some exercise.

We hope these tips helped.  Is this your first time to give birth? If not, care to share some of your postpartum tips to new moms? Share them in the comments below.