Welcome to our special first journal guide, “Pregnancy Journal Prompts.”

What Is a Pregnancy Journal?

A pregnancy journal is like a special diary for a woman who is going to have a baby. Imagine you have a friend who is really interested in what’s happening to you and your baby. This friend is your pregnancy journal! Every day, or whenever you feel like it, you can write down your thoughts, feelings, and anything new happening with you and the baby.

Think of it as a storybook about your journey to becoming a mom. You can write about how you feel, what you’re doing to get your life ready for the baby, and even guess what your baby might be like. It’s a way to remember all the little and big moments, like the first time you felt the baby kick or the day you picked out a name.

Your own journaling is a private place, just for you, where you can share all your excitement, worries, and dreams. Think of yourself as an essay writer crafting a special memory book. When you write in it, you’re capturing moments and feelings, turning them into stories. Later, when your baby is grown up, you can look back and tell them all about the time when they were just a tiny little one inside your tummy. It’s like creating a treasure full of memories that you and your child can cherish forever.

What to Write in Your Pregnancy Journal

When you have a pregnancy journal, you might wonder, “What should I write in it?” Well, it’s your own special book, so you can write anything you feel like writing! Here are some pregnancy journal ideas:

  1. Your Feelings: Write about how you feel. Are you excited, nervous, happy, or a little bit of everything? It’s okay to have all sorts of feelings.
  2. Baby’s Growth: You can write about how your baby is growing. It’s like keeping track of a tiny seed growing into a beautiful flower.
  3. Doctor Visits: When you visit the doctor, you can write about what the doctor said, how your baby is doing, and any advice the doctor gives you.
  4. Your Body Changes: Your body does amazing things when you’re pregnant. You can write about how it feels and changes.
  5. Baby Names: Thinking of names for your baby can be fun. Write down your favorite names and why you like them.
  6. Preparations for Baby: Are you setting up a room for the baby or getting clothes and toys? Write about how you’re getting ready.
  7. Wishes and Dreams: What do you dream for your baby? What kind of world do you wish they grow up in? Write these down, too.
  8. Questions and Wonders: If you have questions or wonder about things, write them in your journal. It’s a great way to remember what you were curious about.
  9. Messages to Baby: You can even write messages to your baby. Tell them about your day, your hopes, and how much you love them.
  10. Everyday Moments: Even everyday things can be special. Maybe you felt the baby kick, or you craved funny food. Write it down!

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to write in your journal. It’s all about you and your baby’s journey together.

65 Pregnancy Journal Prompts

  1. How did I feel when I found out I was pregnant?
  2. What are my hopes for my baby?
  3. What names am I thinking of for my baby?
  4. What was my first doctor’s appointment like?
  5. How is my body changing?
  6. What kind of parent do I want to be?
  7. What foods do I love and dislike now?
  8. What was the first baby thing I bought?
  9. What does the baby’s kick feel like?
  10. How did I tell my family and friends?
  11. What are my favorite things about being pregnant?
  12. What are the hardest things about being pregnant?
  13. What do I imagine my baby will look like?
  14. What kind of world do I want to bring my baby into?
  15. What traditions do I want to share with my baby?
  16. How did I feel hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time?
  17. What advice have others given me about parenting?
  18. What have I learned about myself since becoming pregnant?
  19. What nursery themes do I like?
  20. How am I planning for when my baby arrives?
  21. What are my thoughts on becoming a mom?
  22. How is my relationship changing with my partner?
  23. What do I want to teach my baby?
  24. How am I taking care of myself and the baby?
  25. What are my fears about childbirth and parenting?
  26. What has been the most surprising thing about pregnancy?
  27. What are my favorite lullabies or stories for the baby?
  28. How am I feeling today?
  29. What are my dreams for my child’s future?
  30. How is my daily routine changing?
  31. What do I miss about not being pregnant?
  32. What maternity clothes do I find most comfortable?
  33. How do I react to people’s comments about my pregnancy?
  34. What are my thoughts on the baby’s gender?
  35. What activities do I enjoy while pregnant?
  36. What is my birth plan?
  37. How do I imagine holding my baby for the first time?
  38. What has been the most helpful advice I’ve received?
  39. How am I documenting my pregnancy (photos, videos)?
  40. What baby books or resources do I find useful?
  41. What are my thoughts and feelings about breastfeeding?
  42. What are my wishes for my child’s health and happiness?
  43. How am I preparing my home for the baby?
  44. What kind of support do I need and appreciate most?
  45. What has been my favorite pregnancy moment so far?
  46. How do I feel about my changing body?
  47. What are my thoughts on work and parenting?
  48. How am I balancing rest and activity?
  49. What milestones am I looking forward to?
  50. How do I imagine my life with my new baby?
  51. How have my pregnancy symptoms changed over time?
  52. What was my baby shower like or what do I envision it to be like?
  53. What do I imagine doing with my unborn baby?
  54. How do I envision the moment when my baby is born?
  55. What physical changes have been the most surprising during my pregnancy?
  56. What are my dreams and hopes for my baby’s future?
  57. How did I decide on my baby’s name, or what am I considering?
  58. What are my wishes and plans for the birth?
  59. What am I packing in my hospital bag, and why?
  60. How am I practicing self-care during my pregnancy?
  61. What does it feel like when my baby moves, and when do I notice it most?
  62. What family traditions am I excited to share with my baby?
  63. How has my social life changed since becoming pregnant?
  64. What are my thoughts on my child’s growth and development?
  65. How has the idea of becoming a mother affected me emotionally and mentally?

Writing during your pregnancy and journaling it is a beautiful way to capture your journey from birth to motherhood. Enjoy every moment, and let your heart guide your words!