There are many models for strollers on the market today, but what if it’s not just one child you need to transport? This is where the Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller comes into play!

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With fewer choices being available for double strollers, it does narrow down the option a bit. However, one still must consider a number of important factors including safety, durability, protection from the elements, and of course affordability. This double jogger addresses all concerns that a parent may have to create a truly one-of-a-kind, innovative product with both the children and parents in mind.


Safety is arguably the most important factor to consider when picking out a stroller, and this is especially true with a design that involves two seats. This double stroller can hold up to 50 pounds per seat, making it capable of holding up to 100 pounds in total! A stroller for two children needs to be able to hold a lot more weight than your average stroller, and the Schwinn Jogging Strollers can definitely do so. The model contains a dual trigger folding mechanism, as well as an aluminum frame. The sturdy aluminum ensures that this stroller is very sturdy, and there is no need to worry about it toppling over when going over various terrain types or while out in the rain or wind.


On the subject of weather, this double jogger features a canopy to help protect the little ones from the elements. The design also keeps the children comfortable at all times, as the seats can be reclined up, or sat up independently. The ability to adjust the seats is a huge selling point for many potential buyers, however, there is not a lot of excess legroom provided with this model. The foot piece may also stick out a bit when being folded, making it not quite as portable as some other models. However, this stroller still folds quite easily for storage and transportation.

This stroller has some great luxury features for both the children and parents as well, which definitely deserve to be noted. Despite having two seats, the it is extremely versatile and easily maneuverable. The swivel wheel in the front allows a smooth ride through crowds and tight areas or corners. In addition, the handles have a rubberized handle for long-term use to prevent the tiring of the hands. This stroller is thought of to be a great option for active parents due to its ease of use and movements, as well as front-wheel locks to prevent them from moving while stopped. the front wheel lock feature can be activated from the handles, so there is no need to constantly bend down. The Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller even has a storage basket underneath the seats, which is extremely convenient when out on the go running errands.

In addition to all of the great features, it is a very stylish option that is available in a wide array of unique designs. There are cup holders for your water or daily coffee, which is a luxury feature not often seen on many stroller models. Your baby will not be left out—there are cup holders at each seat as well for your baby’s sippy cup. Speakers are mounted on the canopy to play music or listen to podcasts while on the go with the little ones. This makes a great opportunity to play your favorite music and programs or play something to keep the kids occupied. Since you are the parent on the go, the seats are machine washable for those occasional messes. With the parent tray, as well as room for the children to place their items, this stroller is truly innovative in design.

The Schwinn Stroller works well on all terrains, including grass for a trip to the park and even sand for your well-deserved vacation. This model truly is a great option for active parents due to its ease on various terrains, wheel locks, and cup holders. The name really says it—a model is a great option for running and jogging as well, being an ideal choice for parents who are a bit wary of models not specifically designed for quick movement or versatility in terrains.

Pros and Cons

The only possible downside to the model is that there is no infant attachment, which may make some parents uneasy on various terrains if the infant is placed into the seats. The seats also do not fully recline, as with some single-seat models, which allows for the seat to go all the way back to resemble a bed. Still, the seats are movable and do recline, leaving the way for various seating options and comfort for the children.

Overall, the Schwinn Double Jogger has a number of factors to consider before purchasing:

Pros Cons
Two seats hold up to 100 lbs

 Dual trigger folding mechanism for easy storage

 Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame

 Protective canopy

 Adjustable seating

 Swiveling front wheels, easily maneuverable

 Rubberized handles

Front-wheel locks activated from handles

 Storage areas

 Cup holders and speakers

 Functional on all terrain types

 Limited legroom

Foot piece sticks out when folded

No infant attachment is available

The seat does not fully recline

In conclusion, this double jogging stroller is a great value, with a number of amazing and convenient features for both the parent and the children. With its lightweight and versatile design, safety features, and luxury components, this stroller stands out from many options that are available on the market today, especially for double strollers and jogging stroller options. The pros far outweigh the cons of this model, making it a functional, safe choice for any parent with more than one child who needs to be safely transported.