Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all interested in what the celebrity moms are doing, especially when they have a baby the same age as ours. Even more interesting is what baby products they are using. Did they throw the bank balance at the most expensive stroller, splash out on the best car seat or are they using the cheap and nasties? (like most of us!)

Whether you have a stalker affection for your fave actress or just a mild interest, we’re sure you will love exploring the celebrity strollers in our broad list. Our range covers celebrity strollers used by our stars a few years back as well as current. In addition to indulging your morbid engrossment in Beyoncé … only joking! … we aim to provide you with the best options in strollers too.


Celebrity StrollersCompetencyPriceOur Rating
Orbit Baby Porter Collection Limited Edition StrollerA+$$$$$
Graco Travel SystemA$
Chicco Cortina StrollerB+$$
Maclaren Volo Dylans Candy Bar StrollerB$$
BOB Range of StrollersB+$


Most celebrities seem to get rid of that after-baby-fat quite quickly.  Well, not surprisingly, you think, as did I.  They have a nutritionist, a chef, and trainers on tap. What could be easier? But, I was surprised to find that many of them have their own routine when it comes to eating and exercising. There are a few key habits that stand out with all the celebrities and involving baby in their exercise routine was a big one.

Grabbing their favorite stroller and going out for a brisk walk or run was on the top of most of the star mom’s training list.  Having a stroller that can handle most terrains makes sense.  So whether you on route to the shop or park or bumping over grass and rocks, make sure your stroller fits the bill. Other habits that helped them lose weight were:

  • eating smaller meals more often throughout the day
  • including high-intensity interval training into their exercise routines
  • changing it up or down and often – variety!
  • scheduling their fitness hour into their diary like an important meeting
  • including squat sets into each leg day program
  • eating enough calories for the given number of calories burnt
  • plan your meals and snacks the night before or even the week before
Celebrity StrollersCompetencyPriceOur Rating
Orbit Baby Porter Collection Limited Edition StrollerA+$$$$$
Graco Travel SystemA$
Chicco Cortina StrollerB+$$
Maclaren Volo Dylans Candy Bar StrollerB$$
BOB Range of StrollersB+$


Orbit Baby Porter Collection Limited Edition Stroller

When Kate Hudson’s daughter was a baby, now around 3 years old, she used an Orbit Baby Infant Travel System. Now I’m a huge Kate Hudson fan, so, and yes, I ashamedly, decided to buy one too. I realized soon, after noticing this model, that it is a fave among many moms. The Orbit includes the stroller, car seat base, seat and storage accessory.

Kate and I are not the only celebrities (yes, I just put myself into the celebrity category – lol!) that rank this stroller up there. To mention just a few, who have purchased the Orbit Travel System are Lara Bingle, Sara Gilbert, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Emily Blunt. See, I’m in good company! While a hefty price, one has to know the awesome features in order to pull that purse out with confidence. And convince hubby of it too! Believe me, it will take a lot of convincing!

The Orbit Baby Infant Travel System is adapted with Quadshock suspension and rotation option using the Smarthub ring. This means all I had to do was swivel the seat so baby can either be facing me or away. When she was sleeping, the stroller to car feature allowed me to move her smoothly and in comfort with one click.

It is not the lightest stroller at 72 pounds and I understand why it’s built only for newborn babies to around 12 months old. A little backbreaking. Would have been perfect if it was made a little lighter.

Graco Travel System

Graco has a few models of strollers and we see that our celebrities are not set on one particular type. Shakira, for instance, sported a Graco Click Connect Travel System Stroller on her recent visit to Brazil to watch her boyfriend play in the Confederation Cup. I quite like the Graco range and in particular the Click Connect.

I was impressed with the awesome suspension which allowed for a smooth ride. And when I needed to get a bit more maneuverability out of it, the locking front-swivel wheels made for an easy trip.

From car to stroller it was easy in one easy click, literally. Their innovative Click and Connect System meant no worries in disturbing my sleeping baby. This was a real God send.  And, big And – it stood up straight when folded – no falling over!  Bonus!

Another salient feature was the fast-fold system which makes up for the 47-pound weight, although once folded, its pretty easy to carry and lift. The only downer here was the car seat straps which didn’t have an easy release/strap system.  You have to manually adjust. Graco isn’t too bad in the price area either and I have to say Well done, Shakira, for not going for an uber-expensive travel system.

Check out the other celebrities, like Orlando Bloom, Carnie Wilson, Kourtney Kardashian and Foo Fighters Dave Grohl with wife Jordyn Blumwife, who have used the Graco Travel System, showing us that when we think of celebrity strollers it doesn’t mean spending big bucks.

Chicco Cortina Stroller

The Chicco range of strollers boasts some versatile options and we can see that a few stars have been trying out various models. Jennifer Lopez was seen with her daughter Emme in a Chicco Cortina Stroller, a popular model in celebrity strollers.A few features that make this a memorable stroller.

I’m all about longevity and after just a few uses, I could tell that this stroller would see me easily from infant to toddler. It’s that durable. Again, another blessing when it comes to moving my sleeping baby. Their Keyfit infant seat and base saved many a day, I can tell you.

In addition, the Memory Recline, which comes standard with the multiple position reclining abilities means that the stroller remembered the last position before being folded away. How awesome is that? No readjusting! Sadly, not the cheapest on the market, so weigh up the features to make that decision worth it.

It really is a one-handed stroller, for folding away and maneuvering around.  I particularly liked the nifty parent and child cup holders as well as the large storage basket.Warning! This is a large stroller!  So check your vehicle trunk space first. I did find that one cannot leave anything in the storage basket once folded as it just falls out.  So I just have a separate box for goodies in the car. While the canopy covers baby comfortably from the sun, it is a little flimsily made.  Surprising as the rest of the stroller is solid.

Other celebrities using the Chicco range are Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes, Kendra Wilkinson and one woman that truly loves the Chicco range is Lujan Arguelles.   If you don’t know who that is and most won’t, Lujan is a Spanish Television Presenter and Actress.

Maclaren Volo Dylans Candy Bar Stroller

Whether it’s the famous sporty name or just because Maclaren makes good products, there are quite a number of celebrities “sporting” this innovative range of strollers.

Jessica Alba has been spotted pushing her toddler in a Maclaren Stroller. We see it’s the Maclaren Dylans Candy Volo Ltd Stroller and we saw her pushing her now older daughter in this same stroller a year or two ago, so it must be very durable.

Maclaren has discontinued the range as it was a Limited edition, but we see Amazon has the Maclaren Volo Dylans Candy Bar available.  Different but similar in all the right places.

Just a thought, Jessica, did anyone tell you about the Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller so both kiddies can have a ride together?
Or maybe she just loves her Limited Edition Candy Volvo model too much to give it up. A definite must on your celebrity strollers list. Here are the awesome features for the Maclaren Volvos Dylans Candy Bar, which I just love:

The front lockable wheels meant that it was super easy to navigate most terrains and is a nice lightweight at 12 pounds. Always a stickler for safety, I was happy to see this stroller came with a 5-point harness.

A funny story – we got caught in a bit of a downpour coming home from the park a few weeks ago and I just whipped the rain cover over in seconds.  The baby was bone dry when we got home – Mom was a sodden mess, though!

I don’t really have anything bad to say about this cute stroller. Those that did try the Twin Stroller were Angelina and Brad with their kids Zahara and Shiloh. Jennifer Garner chose the Maclaren Grand Tour Lite, a robust, high-tech stroller that offers tons of awesome features.

BOB Range of Strollers

53188ebf60d4c81edfde42968659be04Other celebrities, like Jessica Simpson, chose the BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller, perfect for jogging with the baby. Clearly, she used it as she wore off all that baby fat in no time. For those active moms out there, like me, here are some reasons to purchase this sturdy stroller.

We have some crazy off-road terrain in our neighborhood and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this guy handled.  I was very happy for the front swiveling wheels and hand-activated rear declaration brakes.  They really helped out loads when I thought I was losing control.

My husband and I share the pushing of the pram and it’s great that the handlebars adjust article-2637712-1E39F8AB00000578-290_634x861to different positions.  So, for this height-challenged woman it was a blessing and it also made for easy holding whilst running.

This stroller is a real weight at around 34 pounds and I did struggle a bit with folding it away.  It was made a trifle easier, I think, because of it’s two step fold up system, but still a bit of a power struggle.

Take a really deep breath when it comes to the price.  Not for the faint-hearted! Other famous names loving these celebrity strollers in the BOB range are Jennifer Garner, yes, she has a Maclaren as well, Hillary Duff and Alyson Hannigan. Gisele Bundchen and her Quarterback husband, Tom Brady, brave the snowy weather with their son, Benjamin, and dog, Lua. Guess BOB’s is even good enough for the dog!

So, from the elite to the practical, you can see that the stars are trying out a variety of makes and models of strollers. Take your pick of celebrity strollers and know that you are in good company.

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