Airplane picDo you hyperventilate when you think of going out with the baby? Is the thought of all that preparation too much for you? Never mind just walking out the door, what about traveling long distance with your new bundle of joy? What you need is Baby Travel Gear.

Fear not, we have the low down on all the innovative baby travel gear you could ask for.

Take a moment to let us help you look forward to your next out of the house trip, whether it is to the grocery and back, a quick pop over to a friend or a long deserved vacation.


Baby Travel GearCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
3-in-1 Multi-purpose #1 Baby Diaper Tote BagA$$$
Ciao! Baby Portable High ChairB+$$
Mother’s Hand Headrest Head SupportB$
Ellaroo Lightly Padded Baby SlingA$$
A Backset OrganizerA+$


There are 4 fundamental things you must always keep in mind when traveling with the baby.  These 4 aspects relate directly to the type of gear you want to have on your person at all times when on the route.

  • Sleeping is something babies do, and a lot of it too!  So, it makes sense to have the best type of travel sleeping apparatus for this very purpose.
  • Eating is another pastime that your baby will be doing a lot of, no matter where you are.  Having an eating tray or eating chair handy will be a God send when it matters the most.
  • When all is said and done, the baby will want to play and why shouldn’t they?  So, some awesome travel toys are an absolute must.
  • Getting from A to Z needs to be easy when you have a baby with you, so finding the best travel equipment to get you there, should be top of your list.  From strollers to car seats and everything in between.


Baby Travel GearCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
3-in-1 Multi-purpose #1 Baby Diaper Tote BagA$$$
Ciao! Baby Portable High ChairB+$$
Mother’s Hand Headrest Head SupportB$
Ellaroo Lightly Padded Baby SlingA$$
A Backset OrganizerA+$


3-in-1 Multi-purpose #1 Baby Diaper Tote Bag

babytravel1He looks a little cumbersome, but this combo catered for all we needed on our recent trip.  I loved all the pockets and storage space for all my many bits and bobs.  And I particularly liked the big comfy bed for when baby wanted to have a relaxing sleep.  Our daughter seemed to be very comfortable and snug in there.

When she wanted to play I just attached the toy bar with her toys to hang and she was entertained for quite some time. At night, when we were settling down to sleep, we found the mosquitoes and flying insects would come to roost, so we just pulled the mosquito net over and he was not bothered at all. One downer was that I did find the zipper’s on the pockets a little sticky at times, though, but I’m thinking with time it will run a little easier.

Although there were a few areas, mainly stitching, where I felt the quality could have been better, I do really love this 9-in-one package. And it really does have 9 in 1 functions as advertised.  It is a Diaper Bag, a Travel Bed, has Waterproof bedding, a Changing Pad, a Carry Cot, an Entertainment Bar, Insulated pockets, a real nifty Mosquito Net and Stroller Hanging Straps.

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

If you’re like me and don’t like the idea of putting your baby into one of those who-knows-what-that-is restaurant table seats, then you need a portable feeding or booster seat. Whether you’re a happy camper or have casual home décor, this portable, nifty high chair is the one for you. I just love it!

It is super lightweight at 8 lbs. and no assembly was required, which is good news for me as I suck with instructions.  We can pack it away quite easily into its convenient little bag and know that wherever we are traipsing too, it’s an easy pickup and go.

While we are not crazy about the tray as it sags a bit in the middle, we like the overall concept of this high chair.  One thing, though, is that you need to have someone hold the tray down to get the baby out, especially if yours is a little pudgy, like mine or when they have shoes on.

Mother’s Hand Headrest Head Support

Our little one generally falls asleep in the car.  It must be all that rocking motion. When she does I like to ensure that her little head and neck is supported.

This head support did just the trick.  It cups right under her chin and literally mimics my hand in such a cute way. I like that it’s adjustable and can attach to our car seat, strollers and even when we took a flight to Atlanta, it attached to the headrest.  One thing, on certain fabric the Velcro doesn’t stick 100%, but most times it was fine and held.  I have since replaced their Velcro with a more heavy duty type.  Didn’t take long. I was happy to see that the straps are adjustable up to 6 years old.  Hoping it will last that long so I can keep using it.

Ellaroo Lightly Padded Baby Sling

I was in a real pickle the other day.  Baby was crying and I needed to finish sewing a garment.  A friend popped by and ironically brought me the perfect gift.  This Ellaroo Baby Sling!

My friend, Jessica, told me that in days gone by, mothers used a makeshift sling or blanket to hitch their baby’s onto either their back, sides or fronts, making it possible to move around at ease and have their hands free. Well now modern women can now go back to their roots and make use of a baby holder or sling but in a modern, convenient manner.

I just love this sling and not only for its trendy design fabric but its practical convenience.  I am able to do so much more, with baby snug against me.  Happy baby and happy mom! It’s made from 100% handwoven, lightweight Guatemalan cotton fabric, with added padding in the shoulder and rail areas.  My little girl loves it as do I! I have back issues and was worried about my heavy lump putting a strain on me, but with this sling, it spreads out well across my back for added support.

In addition, which I was most pleased with, as we are still breastfeeding, I simply pull the material over baby’s head and feet away no matter where we are. The fabric is breathable and baby didn’t get at all hot and bothered whilst enjoying her lunch. I got this brilliant green, but there are plenty colorful designs to choose from.   I just may get me a few more!

A Backset Organizer

The backseat organizer was, in short, a God send.  I hate bits and bods lying about the car.  It is a pet hate of mine!  So when I found and tried out this organizer, I was in seventh heaven.

There are tons of pockets, mesh holders, and Velcro covered bags.  We have two now.  One in front of baby for all her toys, snacks and juice bottles to entertain her whilst we drive and one behind the other seat for a quick diaper change, filled with diapers (of course), wet wipes, creams and a change of clothes.

We recently went on a train trip and attached this honey to the seat in front of us, which happened to be empty, or the straps would have bothered the passenger, and had such an easy trip, knowing we had everything at an easy reach.

We really can’t complain about this buy at all and believe me we checked it over a few times.  The quality of the straps and material is great and I can see it lasting for years to come. We hope that next time you need to get out of your cabin-fever house, you are better prepared and have taken a few tips from our list. Happy Traveling!

Baby suitcase pic

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