Is it a bicycle? Is it a stroller? No! Is it a Bicycle Stroller? Uh? What? You ask. Gone are the days of cycling with our little munchkins on the back of our bicycle and then having to lug them on our hip through the shop.

Girl on back of bikeThat is so yesterday, sister! Bring on the new, ingenious Bicycle Stroller. Whether you are an active gym bunny or just like the idea of the dual capabilities of this awesome piece of invention, you are going to love the Bicycle Stroller. Now, you must be asking, “What the heck is a Bicycle Stroller?”

Mimicked on the Dutch “bakfiets” meaning “box bike”, they have revolutionized this concept to produce an ultra fancy bicycle stroller. Not only can you now cycle with your child securely positioned in front of you, but you can convert the bicycle to a stroller. Let us elaborate, but first, the reasons to consider a Bicycle Stroller.

Bike StrollerCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Taga Bike StrollerA$$$$
Zigo Leader Carrier BikeA+$$$$$

Top reasons to invest in a Bicycle Stroller

Active & Awesome

If only for one reason, you buy this cool invention, let it be the exercise. What better way to burn a few calories and be spending that time with your buddy in the same, panting breath?

Convenient & Comfortable

Ever cycled to the shop with a baby on the back, parked and locked the bike and spent a good hour lugging your heavy lump around, swearing under your breath that you should have driven and brought the stroller with? No worries with the Bicycle Stroller. A simple toggle from bicycle to stroller has you wandering the mall with ease.

Safe & Stable

Most come with a 3-wheel tricycle build, for added sturdiness and balance. In addition, the baby is locked in with a 3 or 5-point harness. Remember both of you should always wear a helmet, no matter the distance!

Fun & Functional

The world is a different place when you are on a bicycle. And what better way to explore and explain the wonders of the outside when your little champ is able to join in? Penny Wise & Pound Foolish? Not!

We won’t lie. These are not for the faint-hearted purses. Having said that, we feel that you are getting a lot for your buck. Now that we have your attention, let us move on to the cool choices in the marketplace.

Bike StrollerCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Taga Bike StrollerA$$$$
Zigo Leader Carrier BikeA+$$$$$

Twos Company in the Bicycle Stroller

We scanned, researched, and found only two true Bicycle Strollers. There are others that mimic the “baskets” in that you can carry your child along with you whilst you cycle, but none convert to an independent stroller. Indulge us and take a look at the stunning Taga and Zigo Bicycle Strollers.

Taga Bike Stroller

This has to be the coolest and most space age looking bicycle-come-stroller ever! We love it! Not the price so much, but the features are quite out of this world. In a nutshell, and it’s quite difficult to fit all these benefits into a nutshell, here is why you should consider this bicycle stroller:bikestroller1

  1. Easy – Toggles from bicycle to stroller in seconds, literally.
  1. No Balance Needed – Because of its 3-wheel tricycle system, you actually don’t need to know how to ride a bike. Stable and sturdy, you can turn on a dime, never having to worry about falling over with your precious cargo.
  1. Close And Personal – Unlike conventional bike trailer systems or child bike seats, with Taga you have your little guy right between your arms.
  1. Safety First – Taga passes the bicycle and stroller safety standards for US, Europe, and Australia, so you know you are in good hands.
  1. Maintenance Free – If you are not a bike fundi, then you will be happy to know that they have ensured minimal maintenance needed with their internal gear hub and fully enclosed chain guard.
  1. Storage – As it folds up neatly and easily, it fits into most vehicles trunks and doesn’t take up a lot of space at home.
  1. Green For Good – If you want to leave your environmental green footprint on our wonderful earth, Taga ticks that box. Don’t drive, cycle.
  1. Standard Extras – It comes standard with chassis, child seat, under seat basket and sun canopy, as well as a choice of bright colors.
  1. Accessories Galore – Rain Cover, Mud Guards, Second Child Seat, Side Bags, Cargo Basket, Wooden Double Seat, Maxi Cosi and Graco Car Seat Adaptors are all available at reasonable prices.

We know that $1495 is a hefty price to pay, but think about the cost of gas, gym membership, car seats, strollers and a good quality bicycle. This covers all those in one, or two innovative must-haves, depending on how you look at it.

Zigo Leader Carrier Bike

Bringing up a close second to the Taga, we found the Zigo (similar name, right? But not related), to be also very innovative. Also based on the “baskets” concept, you have not two vehicles here, but three. Here are the salient features of the Zigo Bicycle Stroller:bikestroller2

  1. Easy Does It – Convertible in 30 seconds, it’s a no fuss, no hassle operation.
  1. Balance Baloney – Again, you don’t need to know how to ride a bike or even be able to balance well, due to its 3-wheel tricycle system.
  2. As Close As – Your child is as close as an arm’s length away, positioned in front of you, making for a happy mom and baby.
  3. Safe And Comfy – With an awesome brake system and front bumper crumple zones, you can be assured your little guy is secure on his ride. In addition, it has a quick release sunshade, 5-point padded harness, and very comfy padded seats. Not only are the kids cozy in their little cocoon, with their interior child pockets for juices, snacks, and toys, but the handlebars sweep back and the saddle adjusts front and back for added rider comfort.
  4. Storage And Maneuverability – It folds flat to fit into most vehicle trunks and the stroller can easily get through standard doorways.
  5. Green Footprint – Again, just by not driving or using other modes of transport, you are saving the planet. Always a good thing.
  6. Awesome Accessories – Rain Cover, Cycle Rack Mount, all extra parts like wheels and spokes, Infant insert, Fenders and a very impressive Environmental Control System (basically protects the child from light, rain and bugs with its Drizzle Guard and Mesh Screen) form part of the accessories available online.
  7. Double Trouble – You can also buy the Zigo in an x2 option to accommodate two children or babies, sitting side by side.
  8. Three’s A Crowd? – Not with the Zigo. Adaptable to convert from Bicycle Carrier to Stroller to Independent Bicycle. That’s a real bargain. Three options in 30 seconds.

Impressed? We are smilingly impressed. Reviews were good and it seems the Taga has some serious competition. Price wise it retails at around $1600, so a little more than the Taga, but does have some added benefits. The difference is the Taga has been around a lot longer, so there are more opinions and reviews. But watch this space. We are sure the Zigo will over exceed our expectations very soon. Nevertheless, both are worth a look.

While there are other similar options in the market, like the Bicycle Child Carriers, Bicycle Child Trailers and your old fashioned, but newly revised Bicycle Baby or Child Seats, these two are the only true Bicycle Strollers. So, do not delay. Move into the future with a new Bicycle Stroller today!

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