If you and your partner or loved ones have a little bundle of joy on the way, it’s highly likely that you’re gearing up to design your nursery. Whether you’re revamping from previous babies that have since grown out of the space or you’re about to welcome baby number one, there are so many things in motion when preparing. From safety to style, designing and setting up a nursery can sometimes feel overwhelming, and that’s why keeping a bit of a plan in mind can be so revolutionary for your process.

Whether you’re having a boy, a girl, twins, baby number one, or baby number five, there’s something truly special about preparing for the arrival of your child. At the same time, pregnancy can be a tricky time. Your body is undergoing rapid changes, and it makes sense to be a bit stressed about planning and designing an entire room. However, you don’t need to stress or worry. Here are a few tips to think about when planning your nursery while pregnant.

1. Have a Plan and a Theme!

While planning out the room might seem overwhelming and daunting, you won’t feel so stressed once you have a plan in place, and you’ll have a bit of direction. There are so many cute themes — think safari, starry night, and woodland forest — that can guide you in terms of decor, too. That way, you can have a bit of direction while you explore creativity.

2. Set a Budget

One of the biggest parts of planning any remodel is the budget. Babies are expensive, so if you’re trying to save money, there are plenty of ways to create a cute nursery on a budget. Make sure you plan out your spending limits and have your funds available before you get started on the build.

3. Know Your Physical Limits

There are plenty of rules for how to remodel when pregnant — we’ll get to those in a moment — but first and foremost, it’s important to judge your state based on how you feel in your body. Depending on how far along you are, how you feel physically, and your energy levels, your physical limits might be different from any other pregnant person. Ask yourself what you feel comfortable with, and don’t budge on your boundaries.

4. No Painting for You!

While some people claim that paint fumes aren’t harmful during pregnancy, the jury is still out on how much damage paint fumes can actually cause. Paints can contain solvents and other harmful chemicals that can cause health problems when inhaled, so it’s best to keep away from them when you’re pregnant.

5. Anything Can Be a Night Light

Both for you and for your baby, night lights are great to have in any nursery. When you’re searching for the perfect night light, keep in mind that any light can be a night light, as long as you turn it on at night. Night lights can be important both for safety and to keep those fears of the dark at bay, and finding a small lamp or rock salt light could actually be a great way to do that.

6. Both Feet On the Ground

Pregnancy can impact your center of gravity. Therefore, it’s best to keep both feet on the ground as much as possible in order to avoid falls, injuries, and even detrimental impacts on the baby. This means no getting up on ladders or standing on furniture in order to hang things.

7. Keep Clutter at Bay

Another thing that can cause trips and falls is clutter. When you’re designing a safe nursery for both parents and the baby, it’s best to declutter as much and as often as possible. Babies don’t actually need a lot of stuff, contrary to popular belief. The more you keep their space clean and neat, the easier it will be to navigate for everyone involved.

8. Don’t Sacrifice Function for Aesthetics

While it can be tempting to create the cutest and most adorable nursery on the planet, remember that, at the end of the day, it’s simply a place where your child will sleep. They likely won’t remember it, either way, so make sure it works for you, too.

9. Ask For Help

Pregnancy is the time to ask for help on whatever you need. Whether you need help lifting things, painting, or even simple input on your decision-making process, asking those around you to lend a helping hand is a part of knowing your limits and doing what’s best for you and the baby. Your loved ones will likely be happy to pitch in, especially on a fun project like this.

Designing Your Nursery With Safety and Ease

Your baby deserves the very best, from the way that you treat your body to the place where they will eventually rest their head at night. Designing the perfect nursery might seem a little bit overwhelming at first, but with a bit of help from those around you, you can take care of yourself while building the perfect oasis for your baby to spend their time. Do you have a theme picked out for your nursery yet?