As a new parent, it is common to make mistakes when raising a child but the mistakes may get worse when you are caring for or raising twins or multiples! You know it’s going to be tough, but who would have thought it will take up all of your strength, time, and attention to tend to your little ones, whether it is feeding two or three mouths, or bringing your twins or multiple babies out in a triple stroller?

Yes, it’s stressful. Yes, you may feel like a parenting flop. But take heart and charge on – it’s perfectly normal to have such parenting blunders happen because you are definitely NOT the only one.

That’s why we’re here to address some of the most common, biggest mistakes often made by new parents of twins and multiples – you can thank us later!

Mistake #1: Running Out of Basic Baby Necessities

A parent of multiples should never run out of basic necessities. Like, NEVER. It may take a while for you to figure out how many you need, but you should always have extra on hand.

Even though these items may be expensive, like baby diapers and baby formula, they will outgrow quickly. If you are unsure, take a second opinion from a parent who has had multiple children. This will help you make a more informed decision.

It may seem like common sense but trust us, failing to properly stock up on supplies is actually one of the most important mistakes new parents of multiples make a lot. Oftentimes, this common mistake is because new parents tend to underestimate how much each item will be used, for the lack of better judgment. Moreover, double (or sometimes, triple or quadruple) the demand will exhaust storage space, like baby bottles.

Make sure to always replenish the most popular items. Don’t wait until they are completely out before getting more. If you aren’t prepared to stock up on everything, you’ll run out of essential items in no time.

Mistake #2: Neglecting Yourself and the Relationship With Your Partner or Spouse

Oftentimes, many new parents neglect their relationship with their partner because they are so overwhelmed with parenting. They are too engrossed in trying to keep up with their children’s demands (that seem endless for a start), they are trying so hard to figure out their children’s needs, that they totally forget about proper self-care and care for their partner. The fact is, you will end up paying for this in the future.

Trying to get more sleep is important for you and your partner, tending to the constant wailing of your kids is also another priority, but don’t forget to give yourself some time to spend with your partner!

Try to check in with each other every night while changing the jammies or in between short breaks. Consider planning dates every now and then. Give one another some words of encouragement. It will make parenting twins and multiples a more pleasant experience for both of you.

Mistake #3: Not Having Enough Support

The lack of support is another common mistake that new parents make. Not having a network of other parents who have been through similar experiences is a major challenge for all parties.

It may feel awkward and somewhat overwhelming to open up to parent communities or friends or even your own family members to ask for tips, advice, and emotional support. Well, don’t be! Not everyone is born knowledgeable to handle two or three kids right away from the moment they are born – the knowledge comes from years of experience dealing with them, and it’s the same for each and every parent.

However, preparing yourself in advance allows you to handle your little ones together with your partner easier and less stressful. Connecting with other parents can help you avoid these mistakes, allowing you to get more rest and maintain your sanity. So, don’t worry if you’re not ready to share your new babies yet, but do give yourself some allowance by talking it out with other parents.

Mistake #4: Not Having A Routine In Place

As much as possible, parents of multiples should put their children on a routine once they arrive home. This means maintaining a fixed lifestyle to train your children on fixed bedtime, mealtimes, and so on. Having a routine in place will ensure that the kids nap at the same time, feed at the same period, and this kind of routine actually makes you and your babies feel calmer. You can also take turns with your partner in taking care of the twins or multiple kids, allowing him or her to share the responsibility of parenting.

Mistake #5: Not Asking For Help When You Clearly Need It

Some parents tend to want to fix everything on their own, which is fine provided that you can really handle them all. As new parents, it is natural to feel that you have too many things going on on your plate, especially if you are parents of twins and multiples! But that doesn’t mean you should continue to be the hero all day, every day when you are too physically and emotionally stressed during your parenting journey.

If you need help, seek help from family and friends. It can be as simple as taking your babies out for a short stroller ride, or watching over them in the house as you make a quick run to the grocery store. Nobody says it is a bad thing to do, and nobody will judge you, as long as you don’t push 100% of your parenting responsibilities upon others and become a neglectful parent instead.

Take advantage of every opportunity that helps to ease the burden of caring for your children. A parent of multiples should be open to offers of help and rely on friends and family for support when you clearly need it. Not only will you be doing your mental health a huge favor, but also, your partner or spouse will also thank you for being able to get some rest.


That’s a wrap on the top 5 common mistakes new parents of twins or multiples often make when they first enter parenthood. This is more common than many parents realize but there’s nothing to be ashamed of actually.

There’s more to just these five parenting blunders but these are the most common yet important ones to take note of. Hope this article helps, and all the best in your parenting journey!