As you toss and turn for the hundredth time, you probably are wondering if you will ever get to sleep. That heavy round bump is starting to cramp your style – your pregnancy sleeping style, that is! There does not seem to be a correct position to lie in.

What Position Then?

Positioned on your back makes you feel like your entire belly is being pulled into the floor under the bed. Lying on your stomach is just not even remotely possible and you would worry about hurting baby this way anyway. Besides there is a very real issue with lying on your stomach whilst pregnant. And that involves the venae cavae, which is a very important vein that carries blood from your lower regions to your heart. If it is compromised, at all, it can lead to compression of the blood flow and you do not want that, especially whilst you have a little life inside you. Lying on your side, either side has its irritations too.

So, What To Do?

Mid section of a pregnant woman lying in bed , focus on her tummyAnd while you contemplate this, as you lay there, now wide-awake, you may want to pull a pillow or two closer.   Real close. Even closer. No, not for your head.

Now lay on your side. Which side, you ask? Well, any side that feels the most comfortable, however, having said that, there is a best side to lie on when pregnant.

Professionals insist that the left side is the best side to lie on. The reasons are to do with that funnily named vein again, vena cava. Lying on your left side allows better blood flow through this vein. In addition, tuck that pillow between your legs and notice that your legs will swell less.

Further comfort additions would be loads more pillows. Sorry, hubby! This is not a sexy period and having tons of pillows around you does not allow for snuggling and cuddling with ones partner. But comfort is your main aim once you crawl into bed, at least for the now. And sleep is something you need to stock up on, cause you may not get too much of that once baby arrives.

So, those pillows? Put one under your belly, one between your aching legs and one to hold onto. Go on! Wrap both your arms around him and tuck your breasts neatly on top for maximum comfort. If your own pillows are not doing the trick, like they are too small, too soft or even too hard, look out for those nifty pregnancy pillows out there. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit any shaped and fussy mom.


While you now know what your pregnancy sleeping style – the left side that is – if that doesn’t work for you, then just find the most sleep-inducing position you can. If you are concerned of harming yourself or the baby, pass it by your doctor first.

Good luck and know that you are not the only heavily laden mommy out there struggling with finding that perfect sleep position. And, when you do find it, you probably will need to use the loo to pee. Oh dear!  Try again.100421459_4x3

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