When you have a bunch of ladies together in one room and most have never met, you most definitely need an ice breaker. At a Baby Shower, where hormones are riding high for our Mom-To-Be you better have some goodies or the whole day might turn out to be a wash-out.

Baby Shower Games are just the key to loosen up those smiles and mouths. An even better idea is having Baby Shower Game Gifts. This way our expectant mom can leave a little something with her family and friends to remember that special day. Baby Showers are all about fun, laughter and gifts. Gifts for Mom and why not gifts for the guests?

Most Baby Showers nowadays have a theme so why not work those gifts into the theme or in fact work that theme into the gifts? Let us begin with the one thing that all women love – CHOCOLATE! Nothing says I Love You like Chocolate, so you can’t go wrong here.

Sweet Surprises

hersheys-kisses-spring-time-colors-assortmentA little packet of Hershey’s Kisses, either Pink or Blue and wrapped up in the themes matching colors. In fact, an assortment of any sort of chocolate surprises will do, again to match the theme colors.

Fudge – Oooh! I hear you say! Different flavors of fudge wrapped up in a little packet all ready to eat!  You can’t go wrong with fudge!

Lindt’s wrapped balls are to die for and you can choose from a variety of flavors and color wrapping that will fit nicely into your theme.

9369494-Delicious-chocolates-wrapped-in-packaging-Stock-PhotoFrom chewy, gummy sweets to hard boiled, any type will do.  Just a little wrapping, a ribbon, and Walla!  You have a simple, inexpensive baby shower game gifts. Again, I don’t know too many women who don’t love chocolate or any type of sweet.

Celebration Chic

Mini Champagne Bottles – with an apt label like “She’s About To Pop” or “She’s To Pop” or “She’s About to Blow”, will have the ladies giggling with glee.

Pamper Pretty

All women love to pamper themselves so why not put together little pamper hampers for your Baby Shower Game Gifts.  Here are a few cool ideas:

  • bb22f1bca67c0e5f61056f09ac94f762Lip Balm made into a preggy tummy on a card or simply decorated little tubs. You could add a little personal message for each guest too.
  • Pink or blue nail polish boxes filled with sweets. And you can stick little labels with something like “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” on the boxes. Or even a simple “Thank You For Making This Day Special For xxx (and the Mom’s name)”. Pamper Nail Kits will always be a winner and why not color code them to the theme of the baby shower and pop them in a jar, labeled just right. These can look so professional looking and a sure winner with the ladies. Bath salts are easy to source and package. Choose your theme colors and buy little see-through packets. They will be a hit!

Baby Boomer

ca6a11b1dfc16810b9c8ebc1217e625bAnything baby related is cute. How about little baby bottles, sprayed in the themes color and presented as a trophy. A real nice keepsake to remember that day.

Milkshakes – who doesn’t like healthy, flavorful milk. And keeping with the baby theme, you could fill baby bottles with different colored milkshakes tied with pretty ribbons. We couldn’t find a photo of this so clearly no one has thought of it yet. Why don’t you be the first?

Another baby idea is little dolls dressed up in color coded wash cloths. Attach a personal message to each and let your guests take one home as a Thank You.

Plant Perfect

baby-shower-game-prize-4For a gift that will last a lot longer than something sweet, consider a little pot plant for your Baby Shower Game Gifts. Cactus plants are perfect, as they require very little watering and you can get some really cute options in the mini variety.

Breakfast Bar


Maybe you have planned a morning baby shower and every guest could get a jar layered with muesli, yogurt, berries, nuts and whatever else you can think of.

Go a step further and bottle the ingredients in a baby bottle, all ribboned up and looking pretty. These options here have a layer of sweet delights in between, keeping with the baby showers theme colors.

You could layer just yogurt and berries without the cereal or oats.  Or even have a few of each.  Try cater for everyone’s taste and intolerance’s.  Many women are intolerant to wheat and dairy.

Spicy Affair

0201120011Baby Shower Game Gifts needn’t be boring. Be innovative! You can buy little tubes, either glass or plastic, which you can find at most creative, arty stores, and fill each with a different spice, from colored salt, pepper kernels, curry spices, meat spices and anything in between.

You can tie a ribbon around 2 or 3 and present that as a very tasty gift for your guests. Go a step further for this nifty gift and attach a typed up recipe to go with those particular spices.

Naughty But Nice


If your ladies are open to this, why not buy those little bottles of alcohol and package them up either in twos or singles. You could be extra naughty and place a straw in the pack and a little card with a funny rhyme like these:

Because No Great Story Started With Someone Eating A Salad


For Instant Happy Woman Just Add Alcohol

While Mom shouldn’t share in these sinful delights, there is no reason why the guests can’t. There are so many colorful options to choose from at the bottle store, so get creative!

Easy Does It

With so much to plan for this special day, sometimes its easier to go with something simple and it won’t break the bank.

A Gift Certificate or Gift Voucher from the local mall, supermarket or restaurant will work a charm. Who doesn’t like to pick and choose what they want from a gift? From clothing to food, a voucher is perfect.


The sky is the limit and no matter your theme or lack of a theme, your Baby Shower can leave your guests with many fun memories. So get cracking and choose from one or a few of these awesome ideas for your next Baby Shower Game Gifts.

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