As mothers, we constantly wonder when all the milestones will happen with our new cherubs.
155009909_4x3When will they sit?
When will they crawl?
When will they talk?

Developing teeth is also high on the list, especially when we are tired of mushing up foods.  It would be nice to actually cook food normally and not pulverize everything. Right?

So, lets see when do babies get teeth? – how long do you have to wait till those little pebbles start showing? There is no firm rule as you can expect the first teeth anywhere from 3 months up to 6 months, however some babies only show their firsts by as late as 14 months. If baby was born premature, the first teeth may be much later and depending on when dad and mom showed their first teeth, this may resonate with your child.

What and When?

Knowing which teeth will form when is a bit of a science but as with all things from nature, they may not pan out exactly as its “supposed” to. Here is a helpful guide as to the what and when of first teeth.

teething chart


Having those little gems pop out can be as painful as pulling teeth, so have some sympathy and get to know the signs of when your bud is teething.

Chew Chew Chew

If baby is literally chewing on everything, from your fingers, to their fingers to anything he can get his hands on, then it’s a sure thing that their first tooth is pushing through.

Drooling Around

Constant drooling can mean teething baby, but its not a sure fire sign. Babies do drool as they don’t have complete control over their saliva.


As the ear and jaw are closely connected your baby might pull on their ear to relieve an ache. Again, be aware, as it may indicate an ear infection too.


As sucking helps to alleviate the pain you may find that if baby is already on solid food and wants to drink and suck more, those little teeth may be on their way.

One year baby isolated white series, loved toys

How To Help

Soothing the ache and itching that teething baby brings, with these helpful methods:

Teething Gels

Over the counter gels can relieve the pain. Rub a little on their gums or on their pacifiers and they should be good to go for a while.

Rub Away

Rub their gums softly, either with your fingers or a cold cloth. Baby will love you for this. Prepare for loads of drooling.

Teething Rings

The tried and trusted remedy of teething rings will long outlive all other options, so find a gel type toy that baby can suck and chew on to their hearts content.


Know that their teeth will grow in their own time. Don’t stress about it. All babies develop differently.  When do babies get teeth?  When they damn good and ready.

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