So, you’ve planned your long awaited weekend away with the kids and everyone is armed and ready to go. Before you embark on your travels, think about typical weekend getaways with kids, for a moment. Tired, screaming kids; spilt drinks; running noses; I’m-bored-whining; hungry mouths; lost children. Remember now?

While we don’t wish ill on you whilst you travel and quite the contrary, want to save you from any of the above dilemmas, consider the following helpful pointers to survive your next trip away.

Kids Travel KitCompetencyPrice Our Ratings
Kids Travel Games & BooksA$
Kids Travel PillowA+$$
Snack AttackA+$$
Backpack or Pull BagB$$$$
ID BraceletA+$
Portable Car DVD PlayerB+$$
Weekend Getaway
Our list has been built to equip you with a few tools, which could just save you from an unpleasant and traumatic holiday. Whether you’re travelling by vehicle, plane or train, whether it’s a short ride to your holiday house, a few hours drive to a camping spot or a quick 2 hour flight to visit the in-laws, you will find something or a few something’s, on this list that will be your lifesaver. As you know your kids better than we do, pick and choose what applies to your lifestyle and their ages.

Kids Travel KitCompetencyPrice Our Ratings
Kids Travel Games & BooksA$
Kids Travel PillowA+$$
Snack AttackA+$$
Backpack or Pull BagB$$$$
ID BraceletA+$
Portable Car DVD PlayerB+$$

Survival Tip #1

Kids Travel Games & Books

Always a winner. Kids get bored easily and even when there are tons of movies to watch on a flight, you will hear the teeth-gritting lament “I’m bored”. So arm yourself with space-saving kids travel games. The choices are endless and there are all-age appropriate options available. Here are just a few:

  1. Hangman – Take N’ Play Anywhere Game (2 player game, from 5 years & up, magnetic and loads of fun, whilst learning something in the process)
  2. Checkers or Chess (2 player game, magnetic and compact)
  3. Matching – Take N’ Play Anywhere Game (2 player game for 3 years and up. Kids are super good at the memory games)
  4. Kids Baby Wooden Educational Toys Apple Caterpillar (endless fun for your 12 month old and up, lightweight and very portable)
  5. Rubberneckers (A fun game for all ages, but under 3 may struggle. This game is meant for whilst travelling on the road, as you have to spot different makes of vehicles)
  6. Spot It (Similar to Rubberneckers, but this time you spot more than just vehicles)
  7. T.S. Shure Magnetic Travel Games (Pretty much everything in one pack – a real bargain).
  8. Activity Books (Find engaging, colorful books. There are those that have puzzles, games and stickers included. These will fill up a few hours).

Survival Tip #2

Kids Travel Pillow

A definite must, no matter how you’re traveling. Kids get tired and cranky quick. So decide on the best travel pillow for your baby, toddler or older child and while you’re at it, buy one for yourself and hubby.


Survival Tip #3

Snack Attack

More often than not, the reason your toddler is moaning and groaning is that he is hungry.

41TuB6eiVdLFrom experience, toddlers are generally fussy eaters and although airlines and train chefs do their best to provide age appropriate food packs, most times they won’t eat it. So, the next best thing is to have a few air and spill-tight containers with either munchie biscuits, cheese squares, cocktail sausages, grapes and for when they have finished all their snacks, chewy sweeties. We quite like these nifty silicone snack containers available on Perfect for weekend getaways with kids.

Survival Tip #4

Backpack or Pull Bag

To make your little guy or doll feel like they can be a big person too, let them carry their own luggage. Now we don’t mean their actual bag filled with their clothes and shoes. Just a little bag, big enough to keep some toys, games, snacks and a juice in. There are some cute, innovative options on the market.   Whether it be a backpack or a pull-along bag, we are sure you will find your perfect bag here. Check out these cuties.41j4WRydEkL

  1. Melissa & Doug Trunki Not only does this nifty little case store up to 75 pounds of goods, but also duals as a pull-along ride.  So plop your little buddy or buddess onto the top, legs on either side, and pull them along. They will love it. This comes in a variety of cool colors and while a little on the pricey side at $60, it is very durable, washable and you can buy a cool side saddlebag, so they can feel like a real cowboy or girl.
  2. Cabin Max Bear Children’s Luggage Carry on Trolley Suitcase Not the prettiest, but is very practical with a few storage pockets, including a bottle holder and an adjustable “pants” so that teddy can ride along. Price is around $42 and comes in various colors.
  3. American Tourister Disney 18 inch Upright Soft Side This little guy comes in a few different Disney designs and is light enough for a toddler to pull even with their goodies inside. Nice price at $33.

Survival Tip #5

ID Bracelet

41QXAnjT3PLWhile we hope you will never need this option, with busy kids it’s an absolute must. There are a few options on the market but we quite like this very durable and modern-looking design from Vital ID. You just slip the included insert, completed in a waterproof pen, into the inside flap, close over their wrist with the Velcro strap and there you go. They come in modern color designs and any kid will be happy to keep this on their wrist as its super comfortable and super cool-looking.

Even though a good price of $12, we would pay more for this awesome identity accessory. Another must for weekend getaways with kids.

Survival Tip #6

Portable Car DVD Player

Sometimes a little visual distraction is what’s needed and when your imagination or board game skills are teetering on the verge of collapsing, pull out a portable DVD player.

71i0gNBJOeL._SL1500_From Disney to Spy Kids, there is nothing like an entertaining, loud movie to get you and the kids through the last few hours or minutes of travel.

And if you need some peace and quiet put a set of earphones over their little ears so they can listen and you can read.

While these are just a few Survival Tips to get you through your weekend getaways with kids, we hope that you can take at least one tip from this that will make your trip a memorable and happy one. Happy Travels!

Happy Travels

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