What is a baby sprinkle? It’s similar to a baby shower, but it’s designed for those moms who already have a child or two. They don’t necessarily need all the things a first-time parent has on their wishlist, but they still deserve to celebrate their coming bundle of joy.

This arrangement gives you considerable freedom to party in any fashion you choose — there’s no need for the standard registry followed by an afternoon of nothing but unwrapping gifts. Here are five tips for throwing a spectacular themed baby sprinkle that you and your BFFs will remember.

1. Celebrate Mom

The upside to not having to focus on all things baby means you can pamper mama. You’re also probably more established in your career, giving you additional spending cash you didn’t have with your first baby. If you have the means, why not book a day at the spa to treat you and your fellow mom-friends — and those who remain child-free — to some much-deserved pampering?

If you choose this route, talk with your therapist when booking your appointment. For example, you’ll want to limit your hot tub and sauna time and inform your massage therapist of your condition so that they can work around your belly.

You don’t have to forget this idea if your wallet is a bit on the thin side. Why not throw an affordable DIY spa day at home with your friends? You can set up manicure and pedicure stations, a spot for facials, and another area devoted to yoga practice. Whip up a batch of herbal tea and your favorite healthy refreshments to serve at your event.

2. Upgrade

Maybe you have a crib — but you never liked the way the designer spaced the slats, making you uneasy about leaving your baby to sleep alone. Instead of asking for several smaller gifts that you may not want or use, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for an upgrade.

Requesting a large item without sounding rude is like asking for cash at your baby shower. The best way to do so is to create a website where you outline your needs. In today’s age of GoFundMe, people understand and respond to online solicitations. You can unobtrusively include the link in your invitations so that people can donate to the cause even if they don’t RSVP yes.

3. Use Technology

Another way to make your baby sprinkle spectacular is to harness the power of technology to make things easier for your guests. For example, you can mention using apps like Waze in your invitations to help your fellow revelers find your apartment — or downtown meetup location.

You can also get the best bang for your buck and help your guests do the same. Why not use a baby registry app when making your wishlist? Although you don’t want to go as crazy as you would with a standard shower, nearly every expectant mom can use a stash of diapers. Apps such as Babylist let you check items off as you go so that you know what you still need to pick up when you head to the store.

4. Create an Ongoing Celebration

There’s no need to have a once-and-done baby sprinkle. Today’s hectic life pace can make getting the entire gang together at the same time a problematic proposition.

If you have relatives near and far, why not plan several smaller celebrations with folks when they can afford to get away? You get to feel like a better host when you take this route — there’s no need to mix and mingle, ensuring you greet everyone for a few moments.

You can also use this technique to make the transition to having a new sibling less traumatic for your older kids. Is there a museum or science center you’ve always wanted to visit? Why not plan a day of it for a sunny Saturday? Pack a picnic lunch to eat on the grounds while you discuss all the fabulous ways that they will enjoy being the “big sister” or brother.

5. Make It a Combo Deal

If your circle has gotten smaller as you’ve gotten older, why not combine two modern baby practices: the “babymoon” and your spectacular sprinkle? A babymoon is a vacation you take before giving birth since traveling with an infant comes with a whole new set of problems and inconveniences.

Rugged outdoor adventurers might enjoy riding a horse through the Arizona desert. More laid-back moms-to-be can kick it on Cape Cod, enjoying beach beauty during the day and some of the nation’s freshest seafood for dinner.

You can travel solo, with your partner, or with a few friends. If you and your BFF are expecting together, teaming up for a trip can bring you closer than ever.

Throw a Spectacular Themed Baby Sprinkle

You might not be new to motherhood but still deserve a celebration. Throw a spectacular themed baby sprinkle with these five tips.