talk-on-phone-while-pumping-So, you want to breastfeed your new baby for as long as possible? Awesome! We commend you on this as it takes perseverance, patience, and some serious planning skills. But most moms, at some point, have to go back to work and leave their little cherubs with either a day mom, a crèche or if you are lucky, a granny.

This means letting baby drink from a bottle whilst you are not there to feed them from the breast. Yes, we know the pain of pumping that milk during lunch hour and every other in-between-hour you can find. A sometimes painful and definitely patience-testing, not to mention soul-destroying time.

Baby drinking from bottleBut you know, as well as we do, the benefits of breast milk and why its best to prolong the natural milk feeding for as long as possible. But how can you be assured that your baby won’t prefers the bottle that is used to administer the breast milk while you’re away? You dread coming home after a hard days work and frustrating breast-pumping session, to find that baby won’t takes your breast at night time feed.

No worries, ladies! There are some really good, breast-like bottles out there that will, for want of a better word, confuse your baby into thinking they are suckling on your very own breast. We have found some of the best bottles for breastfeeding babies and we are excited to introduce them to you.

Breastfeeding BottlesCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Comotomo Natural Feel BundleA+$$$
Tommee Tippee Decorated BottleA$$
Joovy Boob PP Baby BottleB$
Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Baby BottleB$
Dr Browns BPA Free Polypropylene BottleB+$
The First Years Breast flow Starter SetA$$

Is That A Bottle?

Comotomo Natural Feel Bundle

Comotomo brings us a real winner here. Packaged together, in either pink or green, you get an 8-ounce baby bottle as well as a 5-ounce baby bottle. Their specific design closely mimics the feel and texture of your breast and nipple, to assist baby in transition between bottle and breast. The nipple and body are made from 100% safe hygienic medical grade silicone and is free of phthalate, latex, lead and BPA.

Further, you can rest easy that this bottle is easy to clean with its ultra wide- necked design. No brushes needed here. Simply pop into the microwave in your bottle sterilizer or into the dishwasher and you have one clean bottle. Comotomo’s bottle bundle has received rave reviews and at a price of $31.98 you can be assured of satisfaction from the baby.

All Natural

Tommee Tippee Close to Nature Decorated Bottle

Tommee Tippee boasts a funky-designed boys 3-pack, although there is a girl pack too. The natural wide shape of the nipple mimics mom’s breast for easy latch-on and again less nipple confusion.

In addition, they promote that their anti-colic, anti-gas easy-vent will help prevent air ingestion, which can lead to gas, colic, and a fussy baby. Really good news for us moms, right? And anyone around to hear your howling baby.

This pack comes with a slow flow nipple but you can buy the faster-flowing nipples separately if that suits baby better. See what baby likes and goes with that. Not only are you getting a comfortable bottle and nipple combination but you are getting a great price too at $29.31.

Flow Freely

Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle

Just like the name, this bottle has an innovative design so that baby won’t even know it’s not your breast he is sucking at.

Joovy is also all about cleanliness and hygiene with their no fuss, no assembly bottle. They even shrink wrap each bottle, so you can be assured it is clean and ready to use. The nipple is a slow flow nipple (from birth) and they are molded not cut as well as heavy test for consistent flow. Depending on your preference in color, these bottles come in either this cool purple or bright turquoise.

Latching issues? Not with the Joovy Boob Bottle. Due to the large diameter base and nipple length, the baby should latch on without a fuss. Grab this awesome pair at $17.99 now!

Gorgeous Glass

Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Baby Bottle

Glass has become the new plastic. For many reasons and mainly because of the environment. You know! Laying down your carbon footprint. Recycling!

Well, we have found a real gem from Cherub that comes in some fantastic colors and is so innovative. Not only is this glass bottle pretty much unbreakable due to the silicone sleeve with patented air pockets, but the sleeve also changes color to warn you if the milk inside is too hot!

We like the fact that you can use this bottle long after baby is finished with bottle-feeding and attach their sippy cup adaptor to the bottleneck. Cherub claims the bottle is 100% free of BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free. Their silicone is food-grade as well.

Their nipple has a peristaltic design to help baby swallow easier and the anti-colic air vent helps prevent colic. An all round versatile nipple that mimics the naturalness of breastfeeding. If you or baby don’t like their nipple then you can fit almost any other branded nipple.  We are a little in awe of this multi-colored glass bottle and we’re super happy about the price too at $13.95. We are rating this one high on our best bottles for breastfeeding list.

Tried and Trusted

Dr Browns BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle

Dr. Browns has been around for many years and they keep reinventing their bottles. This BPA Free Natural Flow Bottle is no exception. This bottle covers all the bases in that it’s free of BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate. In addition, feeding will become a breeze as a baby should be happy with the similar to breastfeeding nipple that also assists with preventing colic, spitting up, helping with burping and gas. With its vent system, you can be assured of milk free of air so that your baby will receive all the goodness of the natural vitamins C, A and E from the milk.

Another common problem some babies experience is the fluid in the ear. With this bottle, Dr. Browns advises that it will help to alleviate this. For the low price of $12.39 you not only get 3 8 ounce bottles but 1 Level-One silicone nipple, 1 two-piece patented vent system and 1 cleaning brush with instructions. Could you ask for more?

Beginners Bargain

The First Years Breast flow Starter Set

bottle7In search of the best bottles for breastfeeding, for a new mom who wants to know, she can rely on a bottle that will not only provide the natural feel and flow of a breast.

There has been a research performed that tells us that 88 % of moms experienced a less fussy baby and definitely less gassy as well as less spitting up, whilst using this bottle. First Years nipple mimics the softness and feel of a mother’s breast, allowing baby’s tongue to stay in the same position as with breastfeeding. As with breastfeeding, baby controls the flow of the milk and First Years claims that this bottle works well with breast milk as well as formula.

This set includes everything you would need like two 5 ounce bottles with slow flow nipples and bottle covers, two 9 ounce bottles with medium flow nipples and bottle covers, a unique snap-on bottle container for formula or snacks, and a bottle brush for cleaning. A full package, as you can see and at a surprisingly low price of $14.53. You can’t go wrong here!

Breastfeeding BottlesCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Comotomo Natural Feel BundleA+$$$
Tommee Tippee Decorated BottleA$$
Joovy Boob PP Baby BottleB$
Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Baby BottleB$
Dr Browns BPA Free Polypropylene BottleB+$
The First Years Breast flow Starter SetA$$

While we know babies can be fussy when it comes to drinking from a bottle, especially when they are so attached to mom’s breast, we are assured you will find the best bottle for breastfeeding here from our extensive list. And if for some reason you have a super fussy and particular baby, keep going with that breastfeeding. You know it’s the right thing to do.

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