Back in Time


Swaddling babies go back as far as Paleolithic times, which basically was a time we normally refer to as prehistoric or The Stone Age.

In Biblical times, swaddling was mentioned many a time in the Bible and very basically was a method of wrapping a baby using bandage-like strips of material.

In those days, their reasoning behind swaddling was born from a belief that by wrapping the baby tightly this would aid with ensuring the child’s limbs grew straight. Further superstition showed that if a child was not swaddled they were considered abandoned, referred to as unswaddled.

More Recent Times

z 1617 Unknown artist, De Wikkkelkinderen or The Swaddled Twins, dated April 7, 1617

Closer to home, in the Tudor times, babies were swaddled to prevent physical deformities. They literally wrapped baby from head to toe so they couldn’t move at all! Poor little cherubs!

Interestingly enough, in the 17th century, the views on swaddling changed and many frowned upon those who used the method.  Neglect was a word thrown about, especially with wet-nurses, who had fingers pointed at them for not looking after the babies properly, i.e. Not changing and cleaning them often enough, leaving them swaddled for hours on end. It soon grew momentum and swaddling became a distant memory.

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Modern Moms


But recently there has been a wave of enthusiasm for the swaddling method. Thankfully, the archaic manner of swaddling has been replaced with receiving blankets, cotton muslin wraps and ‘winged” specialized baby swaddles. Modern day reasons for swaddling range from a method of soothing unsettled babies, which aided with longer sleep patterns; reducing the risk of SIDS. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and also preventing newborns from waking themselves with their moro reflex.

The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

how-to-make-swaddle-blankets-for-babies1138-x-1600-99-kb-jpeg-xThere are still negative views on swaddling like increasing the risk of hip dysplasia, however if you wrap the baby correctly you can allow for leg and hip movement; further arguments against swaddling are that the possibility of hyperthermia occurring, yet again if wrapped correctly and in addition using today’s modern blankets, this should not pose a problem.

Most of the negativity has to do with swaddling where the baby’s head is wrapped, which is definitely not the method used today. Further, it’s mentioned that there can be adverse effects on the baby if swaddled immediately after birth and not given the chance to bond skin-to-skin with the mother. Believe what you will and take what you can from both sides, but hear this.

The modern way of swaddling will open your eyes to why there is a time and place for this sort of nurturing. So, let us take a closer look at what is on offer in the way of the best swaddle blankets. But first, how do you swaddle?

The 101 Of Swaddling Your Baby

There are a number of ways to swaddle a baby. Here is one of the ways, named the Diamond Fold.

  1. Lay the blanket down on a flat surface in the shape of a diamond
  2. Fold the top corner down 6 inches to form a straight edge at the top
  3. Place your baby on the blanket so that their shoulders are in line with the top of the fabric
  4. Lay your baby’s left arm over his chest and then pull the blanket nearest his arm over their arm and chest, tucking the end under the right of his body (if the blanket is long enough, tuck around their right shoulder)
  5. Fold the bottom of the blanket up and over baby’s body, ensuring that their legs are tucked up and are free to move and open
  6. Tuck the end of the blanket over their right shoulder as well
  7. Fold baby’s right arm over their chest and pull the right side of the blanket over their arm and chest, tucking it under his left side (again, if long enough over their left shoulder)

Here is a How To Video on swaddling.

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Choosing Your Favorite And Best Swaddle Blankets

BEST Organic Muslin Swaddling Blankets


  • 100% Muslin Cotton
  • Imported organic muslin
  • Itsy Bitsy Boo (cool name, right?) have given us their authentically named blankets, Gentle Whispers, Calming Seas blankets
  • The luxuriously smooth organic muslin will mean baby will be cozy, warm (but not too warm) and comfortable in no time
  • They boast that their blankets will emulate the conditions the baby felt in the womb, snug and cocoon-like
  • An extra large 47 x 47 inches – perfect for swaddling any size baby
  • 5 fantastic uses besides swaddling – changing mat, burp cloth, nursing cover, cover a sleeping baby in the car (attach to the window) and for any tummy time or impromptu laying and playing moments
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Latex, Phthalate, BPA and Lead-Free

All Purpose Baby Blanket – 3 Pack Shower Gift

  • 91WK+Y+UaFL._SX522_100% Cotton
  • PREMIUM QUALITY 100% ORGANIC COTTON MUSLIN: We use premium cotton yarn and eco-friendly producing process to make long lasting, high quality blankets. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not fully satisfied with your swaddle blankets just contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.
  • BREATHABLE & LIGHT: The breathable muslin will help your baby balance body temperature and lower the possibility for overheating. BEST FOR SWADDLE USE.
  • FIT FOR NEWBORN’S DELICATE SKIN: wrap your baby in pure softness. Our high quality muslin blanket gets softer with every wash.
  • PERFECT AS A BABY SHOWER GIFT, for boys and girls. And with our stylish designs you will grant the most beautiful, practical present there is for the fresh parents.
  • GIFT INSIDE: 4 stroller clips to ensure your blanket still.

Hudson Baby 4 piece Muslin Swaddle Blanket


  • 100% Muslin Cotton
  • Feathery light to the touch
  • Breathable and cool
  • 4 blankets for an unbeatable price
  • Cute designs – available in a blue range and pink range
  • Wash before use for extra softness
  • A big blanket – 46 x 46 inches
  • Perfect baby showers gift pack
  • BPA and Lead-Free
  • Multiple uses, as above – swaddling, nursing, burping and play time

HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle


  • For easy swaddling, arms in or out
  • 3 sizes – Preemie (from birth), Newborn (6-12 lbs.) and Small (13-18 lbs.)
  • 2 pack available in a variety of color mixes (blue and cream, pink and cream, sage, sage and cream, sage and pink and pink)
  • Takes the place of loose blankets and worn over normal sleeping attire
  • Zips open from the bottom for easy diaper changing and continued swaddling
  • Sleeveless design meant so baby won’t overheat
  • Sack design so baby can kick freely but won’t come loose like a normal swaddle blanket
  • Used in many hospitals and approved by International Hip Dysplasia as “Hip Healthy”
  • Embroidery designed to remind you to place baby on its back, as recommended for the prevention of SIDS
  • Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead-Free, BPA Free

So give swaddling a try! Whether you want to go with the tried and tested methods or the modern sack, we know you and baby will just love swaddling!

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