Leaves are turning, the wind is changing and temperatures are cooling down. Fall brings changing rhythms – people are soaking up the last few rays of sun before winter and preparing to get cozy inside.

Autumn is the perfect time to explore new craft projects with your family. Here are four super cute craft projects to spice up the season:

1. Make a Hanging Bird Feeder

Are you looking for a craft to complete with young children? This simple bird feeder is the perfect family fall activity.

Make sure you set aside time together after the craft to spot birds enjoying the fall feast!


  • large pine cone — one per feeder
  • peanut butter or shortening if allergic
  • birdseed
  • yarn or twine
  • newspaper
  • scissors
  • butter knife
  • large bowl


  1. Spread old newspaper over your table and fill the bowl with birdseed.
  2. Use a knife to spread your sticky food of choice all over the pinecone. More is better!
  3. Roll the sticky pinecone in birdseed so it’s completely covered.
  4. Cut a long length of yarn or twine, and knot one end securely around the pinecone stem.
  5. Go outside, and tie the other end of the string around a tree branch.
  6. Watch for the birds together!

Note: Many people are concerned that peanut butter may choke birds. You can rest assured that fall feeders do not cause harm.

2. Press Falling Leaves

This craft is easy, a great home decoration, makes fun family memories, and is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids more about the local flora. Have your children sign their papers and tape them to the window for a stained-glass effect.


  • wax paper
  • gathered leaves
  • an iron and ironing board or towel
  • markers
  • tape


  1. Go outside and find some cool leaves.
  2. Turn on your iron and warn your kids that it’s hot. Place flat leaves between sheets of wax paper, with the waxy side inside.
  3. Iron on low heat until sheets fuse.
  4. Talk about the different leaf shapes with your kids.

Note: Look up a leaf identification guide for your area and practice identifying trees with your kids. You can even turn this into a treasure hunt!

3. Knit Fingerless Gloves

Fall is the perfect time to pull out some soft yarn and get crafting. Whether you’ve knitted for years or are just starting, this fun project will keep your family’s hands warm and cozy in the cooler weather.

Consider making matching pairs for your whole family, or have your older kids follow along and make their own. Experiment with different patterns, and be patient with yourself. Even experienced knitters have to count stitches and fix mistakes.


  • fingerless gloves pattern
  • yarn — check the pattern to see how much you need
  • knitting needles
  • scissors
  • a needle with a wide eye


If this is your first project, find a tutorial on how to make basic stitches. For knitting, search the terms “knit,” “purl” and “cast on.”

  1. Read through your whole pattern.
  2. Buy yarn. Choose a warm fall color and consider different textures.
  3. Follow your pattern one step at a time.
  4. After finishing your first glove, use a needle to tie off the end and weave it into the project.
  5. Make the second glove. Check that both gloves have identical instructions.

Note: If knitting isn’t your thing, don’t give up on yarn crafts just yet. Try crocheting other fall items like pumpkins, leaves, and mug cozies. People often gravitate toward one kind of yarn craft or the other.

4. Make Fall Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry is a long-lasting way to showcase unique fall leaves or late-blooming flowers. This project takes a bit of preparation and supplies but is well worth the effort.


  • gathered fall flora such as twigs, flowers, leaves, and seeds
  • clear resin
  • resin hardener
  • jewelry molds
  • jewelry pieces: bales, rings, earring studs/loops
  • gloves
  • a craft stick for stirring
  • toothpicks
  • a small plastic dish and a large bowl


  1. Dry flowers and small leaves in preparation for this project. It will take them a while to fully dry, so make sure to do this part early.
  2. Mix the resin and hardener according to the instructions on the bottles. Stir for at least three minutes with a craft stick in a small bowl.
  3. Fill molds up about halfway with the resin mixture. Carefully place flowers and leaves into the molds. You can use a toothpick to get everything where you want it.
  4. Check for bubbles in the resin, and use a toothpick to pop them.
  5. Fill the molds the rest of the way, and set a container over them to keep them clean while they harden.
  6. Let the molds sit overnight. In the morning, push the necessary jewelry pieces into the resin.
  7. Admire the beautiful piece of fall you’ve captured in your jewelry!

Note: Show your older kids how to do this once, and then let them bring their own ideas to life. You can also craft these fall trinkets with young children as a group effort.

Fall Into Crafting

Celebrate autumn by completing these fun crafts with your kids. While you work, discuss the changing seasons and appreciate the natural rhythms that accompany the closing of the year.

If you are willing to be brave and try new things, your kids will, too. Remember to be creative, and have fun.