What’s happening at 25 weeks pregnant?

Baby’s Size

At 25 weeks pregnant, to put you in the picture regarding his size, he is roughly as big as a large mango or a small melon.

Ripe mango fruit isolated on white background

Baby’s Movement

Baby is becoming a real little person now and is able to curl up to touch his feet and legs. In addition he can make a little fist and may even give you a little punch every now and then, just to make sure you are paying attention.  Baby will also have set nap and awake times. You should begin to notice when there is more movement and when he is still. Don’t worry, he is just napping.

Your Energy Levels

While your energy levels rose a little since the first trimester, you will find that you may 413a59f6aa0ee518d18e839662a27ef3get a trifle tired every so often again and have dizzy spells too.  Loads is happening inside your body and baby is still, and will continue, to take a lot of your nutrients from you. As was to be expected, you will be making more trips to the bathroom, as baby pushes down on your bladder and other organs.

Your Body Shape

You should have a real noticeable bump now. Of course every mom carries differently, but at 25 weeks its very clear you are pregnant! Your breasts will be that much larger too and the areolas skin may even appear darker.

Your Skin

Hooray! Your skin should have cleared up, but again, everyone is different.   Keep up your healthy skin treatments and stay out the sun. Good healthy clean foods will help with your skin too.

Your Emotions

rsz_1rsz_selling-used-baby-clothesEmotions still ride high but are much more controllable now. The excitement of baby arriving should be driving you along nicely. Shopping for clothing and bits and bobs forthe nursery will keep you very busy and on a happy vibe. Now is a good time to start thinking about your Birth Plan. Yes! Whether to have natural or C-section, whether to have a water birth or a Doula, whether to go for gas or epidural. Just a few of the things you need consider.

Your Health and Exercise

Smiling pregnant woman relaxing after beauty spa treatments.If you are feeling a little achy and having a bit of backache, then try some stretching every evening. Just be sure to do so gently, working through the hip flexors (those muscles around the hips) and your lower back. If you know a little yoga, try the cat pose, on all fours, hands directly below shoulders, arching your back up and holding for a few seconds. A good massage may be in order right about now. 25 weeks pregnant is an exciting week.

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