What’s happening at 35 weeks pregnant?

Baby’s Size

imagesAt 35 weeks a pregnant baby is around the size of a medium size long watermelon. Those limbs are getting pretty elongated and chubby now. His kidneys are fully developed and will process his waste perfectly.

Baby’s Movement

While the baby has been moving around loads before he may slow down now. This is not something to concern yourself with. It is mostly because there isn’t much space anymore inside. His movements will be small and this is just because space is confined. He is fine, though. You can start counting baby’s movements and report on these to your doctor. Average movements should be about 10 movements in a 2 hour period. But sometimes the baby is sleeping so just try again later if you don’t feel much. In addition, the baby should have flipped to the head-down position by now or will shortly.

Your Energy Levels

Your excitement level will make emotions elevated but in a good way. You may, at times, be tired and mostly due to either your lack of sleep or difficulty to sleep. Your body will be uncomfortable in most positions now which will lead to little or erratic sleep. Try a pregnancy pillow or slipping an ordinary pillow between your knees and behind your back. This will work wonders for your comfort level.

Your Body Shape

pregnancy-week-36-vernix-caseosa_4x3That very round, protruding ball seems to have taken over your body. You are in the height of pregnancy and should be feeling it too. Walking becomes an effort, as well as sitting and laying down, but enjoy the way your body has adapted to your growing baby. You may even miss that beach ball afterward.

Your Skin

All systems go with your skin and well-being. A healthy glow should be prevalent and most will notice this too. Keep up your beauty routine.

Your Emotions

You may be feeling overly excited as the time because the moment is nearing when you will meet your new baby. This is the time to go over your Birth Plan and be sure of what you want. The nerves will be high but make sure you are comfortable with your plan and that all are aware of what you want.

Your Health and Exercise

Now is the time to relax. Put your swollen, water-loaded feet up and enjoy these moments. Try to eat lots of foods with Iron as baby will need this, especially in these last few weeks. Take slow, steady walks around the block, chat to the baby and even try a little song or two.  He can hear you and will love the sound of your voice now and even recognize it once he is born. 35 weeks pregnant is super nerve-wracking but super exciting.feet-up

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