It is not a conversation that anyone likes to have, but pooping, when it comes to babies, is a much-deliberated topic. Especially when it comes to new mothers. While we are not going to go into the ins and outs of how often, consistency and any other mildly nauseating details, we are going to give you the options you have on the best changing pad.

Changing pads go hand in hand with pooping and wet diapers; and considering a number of times one has to lay baby down and make the change, it makes sense to invest in the best changing pad. In addition, as your little munchkin grows so you will find they will move around more and more. Ensuring they do not roll away whilst changing their diaper, for the umpteenth time, is paramount.

Changing PadCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Keekaroo Peanut Diaper ChangerB$$$
Ah Goo Baby PlushB+$$
BRICA goPad Diaper ChangerA+$
Beabies Travel Changing PadA$
PooPoose Wiggle FreeB$$


You want to check the thickness of the changing pad to ensure it will provide some comfort for baby as you get through the business of changing that diaper. While they won’t be laying there for long, you wouldn’t want them getting all irritated because they can feel the hard, cold surface below them.

baby-rollingAs baby gets more mobile, so they will start to roll and want to get up. Many changing pads come with built-in side wedges to prevent them rolling off. If you are still in the newborn to 3 months old age stage, then these are not paramount right now.

Some changing pads come with a little strap like a seat belt to tie the baby to the mat. We are not so sure if this will frustrate baby more, but the choice is yours. No matter how careful you are, you are bound to let a little sticky mess fall onto the changing pad during the process of changing, so ensure that the pad comes with a washable and removable cover or if you don’t mind the plastic covers, then go with that option.

Housekeeper with washing machinePersonally, who wants to lay on cold plastic? If the changing pad you choose doesn’t have a cover, you can purchase separate covers. You may even want to have a lighter, cooler cover for summer and swap it out for a thicker, warmer cover for winter. Baby will thank you.

You may decide to purchase two changing pads, one for at home and one for travel. Either way, check that your travel option is portable. It should be able to roll or fold up neatly into a size where you can tuck it into your diaper bag. Some diaper bags come equipped with a portable changing pad, however, some are very thin.

Disposable changing pads are quite the rage right now and we find them quite useful, especially if you have hygiene issues. Use it and the throw it away. We feel that this disposable changing pads are more advantageous when on the go.

f3a4b20fd947cb970ee0fcf2a98806e5Some changing pads come with a dual function. We quite like the idea of entertainment for baby whilst you go about the business. It makes it much easier and quicker if the baby isn’t wiggling and/or crying during this messy process.

Another factor to consider is that while changing pads are meant to be a place where you change the baby, you may also use it straight after baby’s bath. So, having a waterproof cover is a practical option too.

If you like all your changing goodies in a neat, accessible area, look for changing pads that have little pockets and slip holes for easy access. Because baby will more than likely only use the changing pad till around 2 years old or less, in some cases, you don’t want to go spending too much money.

So, decide on your budget and make your choice but trying to cover all these bases above.


Changing PadCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Keekaroo Peanut Diaper ChangerB$$$
Ah Goo Baby PlushB+$$
BRICA goPad Diaper ChangerA+$
Beabies Travel Changing PadA$
PooPoose Wiggle FreeB$$

Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer

The Keekaroo is super cute and definitely keeps baby from rolling around, although it does come with a securing strap.  My little one is a skoocher, so I had to watch her before she skooched right of the end. One thing, though, I wasn’t crazy about that the plastic was a wee bit cold. However, nothing that a little receiving blanket can’t sort out.

I liked that it was very light too although because of its shapes it’s not foldable for portable use. The green goblin was easy to clean too.  As for green, there were other colors available too.

Ah Goo Baby Plush

With super soft, contouring foam, the baby was real comfortable and yes, it is water resistant.  I was real happy about that.  And that I could machine wash.  Double delight! Just watch your little one if they are beginning to move about and roll as this change pad isn’t anti-roll.

In terms of travel, this guy was so easy, just roll up, tuck in the diaper bag and go.  Easy! It really is a simple change pad.  There are no frills.  At all.  But I like it just the same.

Brica goPad Diaper Changer

This is a neat travel partner.  It rolls up into a neat square for easy portability and folds out neatly too. As you would generally place this diaper changer on the floor or wherever you are, it comes with a double padded head area.  I liked that a lot.

It really is an all-in-one as it comes with little mesh pockets to store anything from diapers to diaper changing creams.  Brica even threw in a Bag n Toss Diaper Dispenser with 25 disposable bags for soiled diapers.  I have refilled a few times.  Life saver! As it gets used pretty much anywhere, as mentioned, it does get a little soiled itself, so I was happy that it was a quick and easy wipe away from clean. One thing, though, if Brica could double pad the entire changing pad then it would be super perfect.

Beabies Travel Changing Pad

This travel changing pad has nice padding throughout but no anti-roll.  Yet, as it is for travel, most times you are on the floor or a surface where it’s safe for baby. I have used this a few times whilst out and about, airports, public toilets and more, and just love the pockets for storing goodies. Although, you can’t put too much in or it won’t close properly.  That’s really the only downer.

Easy to clean and super portable, this guy ranks up high on my list. I am a neat freak and knowing that baby won’t have to touch any dirty surface because of the design, makes me a happy mom.

PooPoose Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad

When I think of a diaper changing pad, I think of this kind of pad.  When I lay my little one on, she just snuggles down and looks comfy.  Even the soft, wide security strap is super comfy.  Just one note on the safety strap, it isn’t adequate to attach to a changing table, as advertised.  So rather don’t.

The contoured sides mean baby won’t roll off easily, although not for a taller, bigger baby.  It is not the longest changing pad and I can see my honey will be hanging over the end soon. As it is quite large and thick it doesn’t make for easy travel-ability. But what it lacks in portability it makes up for in wash-ability.  Just a damp cloth and you can wipe it clean.

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