What’s The Best Postpartum Workout?

Baby has arrived and you’ve settled into a nice schedule with her. Now you have the time to fit in a little of “me” time. While your first thoughts may be to catch up a couple of ZZZ’s, “me” time. While your first thoughts may be to catch up a couple of ZZZ’s, now may be a good time to work off those extra pounds. Yuk! I hear you say?
While we are sure exercise is on the bottom of your To Do List right now, it needn’t be a daunting activity.  On that list you should be thinking about your eating plan too.  Have a look at our article. That Inevitable Postpartum Diet for some simple ideas on getting your eating sorted as this is a big part of losing the baby bulge.

Note – only start your postpartum workout after at least 6 weeks from birth and when your doctor gives you the go ahead. Let’s look at a few simple moves that will get you up and moving whilst shedding that muffin top at the same time.

The Warm Up

As with all exercise you need to warm up those muscles first. These are possible options to ease into it gently:

  1. Walking (try 10 minutes to begin with)
  2. Arm Circles (like a windmill forward and backwards)
  3. Knee Highs (lifting your knees high in a march)
  4. Jumping Jacks

Now that the blood is flowing nicely through your muscles, you should feel a little warmer.

The Postpartum Workout – 5 of the Best

Here are a few moves that will get your body muscles feeling stronger and more flexible:

Pelvic Tilt

UntitledTo get those pelvic muscles strong again – this movement is small at first (progress to a pelvic bridge, where you lift your butt off the floor) For now lay on your back, knees bent
and lift your hips slightly up and towards your chest. Like a dancer would do against a pole. Yes, that move.


bicycleKeep your legs high at first and lower them as your core gets stronger, pump those legs, trying to touch your elbow to your opposite knee.


squatExcellent for getting those glutes and quads back into shape (make sure your knees don’t go over your toes, sit into your heels)

Wall Push-ups

imagesAngling your feet away from the wall, place your hands shoulder width apart on the wall, lean into the wall and push away, straightening your arms. As you get stronger, bring your hands closer together.


Start off with knee planks, knees on the ground, holding for 10 seconds at a time and increasing time slowly as you feel stronger. When your core can handle it, progress to on the toes and knees off the ground.

plankThere are a variety of plank versions when you’re ready, like touching your toe to heel on each foot, reaching forward alternating hands and rocking back and forth, all in the plank position.

The Stretch

Muscles need to be stretched post exercise, so take a few minutes and do these quick stretches.

Stretches If you follow these 5 moves for a few weeks, you will start to feel stronger and will want to progress to more challenging moves. It can be done. You can get your body back again. All it takes is a little patience and a little dedication.

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