You have researched and researched and finally bought the perfect stroller for your daily park walks. You pull the straps firmly over your little honey’s shoulders, tuck the blankie around their legs, place a kiss on their nose and slot your water bottle into the nifty cup holder. You are all ready to test out this baby. When you open the door, you find, to your dismay, that there is a slight drizzle. Oh No! No walkies for you and your little munchkin today!

But do not fret! Just a quick pop onto will have you all sorted with a stroller rain cover in no time. Alas, your heart sinks again when you see how many choices there are. Calm down and take a look at our comprehensive list of the different options out there for a Stroller Rain Cover.

Why a Stroller Rain Cover?

For one thing, there will always be an iffy day somewhere along the line, when it comes to Weatherman Pete. No matter where you live, the weather can change from sunny and cool to gale force winds and torrents of rain in a heartbeat. It would be best to be rather safe than sorry. Imagine running the last mile home with a crying, rain-soaked toddler or worse yet, your newborn. A Stroller Rain Cover is compact and generally easy to apply to most any stroller. Let us explore the reasons you should own a Stroller Rain Cover.

Stroller Rain Cover
CompetencyPrice Our Ratings
Marrywindex Stroller Rain CoverB+$
Jeep Standard Stroller Weather ShieldB+$
guzzie+Guss G+G Universal Rain-CoverA+$$$
Jeep Tandem Stroller Weather ShieldA$$
Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather ShieldA$$

What are the advantages of a Stroller Rain Cover?

  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Allows for flexibility weather-wise
  • Washable
  • Easy to fasten

What are the different options available?

Whether your current stroller has a custom-made Stroller Rain Cover accessory or not, you can find one that works for you from our comprehensive list below. Here is a quick view list for your convenience where we have noted both a tick and a cross in one column, we mean that there are mixed reviews on this feature.

Stroller Rain Cover
CompetencyPrice Our Ratings
Marrywindex Stroller Rain CoverB+$
Jeep Standard Stroller Weather ShieldB+$
guzzie+Guss G+G Universal Rain-CoverA+$$$
Jeep Tandem Stroller Weather ShieldA$$
Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather ShieldA$$

Here are some more details on our favorites

Marrywindex Stroller Rain Cover

a1With overall good reviews, this easy to fasten and remove rain cover is a steal at $18, and if you wait just a bit there is normally a huge discount on

Because of its universal, it will fit pretty much any stroller except the really large strollers. Certain models of Britax are too big. We like that it’s not made from PVC, but a thicker, durable plastic.

We did find that its only downfall is that it’s not very breathable. The only way fresh air can enter is from the bottom, which is great for those windy, cold days, but where the weather is a little big humid and muggy, your little chap may just get a trifle sweaty under there. As universal items go, this one covers most of the bases.

Jeep Standard Stroller Weather Shield

a2There are mixed reviews on this rain cover, however, most pertained to the material notwithstanding very cold temperatures. Other than that, it provides a solid wind block and allows fresh air to filtrate through the air holes on the sides.

It also comes with a nice storage bag for neat packing away. Although made for Jeep strollers, this is a universal Stroller Rain Cover that seems to fit most of the single, standard sized strollers out there.

With a low price of $11, we feel this rain cover is just great.

guzzie+Guss G+G Universal Rain-Cover

This lovely universally fitting rain cover, with a cute name, has a little extra feature, which we quite like. The front panel unzips for easy access to baby and an option to roll the cover to the top.

a3The stitching, as well, is quite different, in that it’s reflective, so when you’re hurrying home with the sun starting to set, at least you can be assured that oncoming vehicles will see you when their lights shine on the stroller.

A well-vented design, the baby will receive some fresh air whilst be protected from the wind and rain.
We only found one bad review where the mother found her baby’s pants and back had been soaked through after a period in a heavy downpour. My thoughts are that one must consider than only using this in light rain or a drizzle.

Equipped with a storage bag and at a so-so price of $30, we can recommend this rain cover based on its practicality.

Jeep Tandem Stroller Weather Shield

a4We thought we would throw in a tandem rain cover, for those moms with double trouble. Another Jeep product, but also fits most makes and models of strollers.

While it is waterproof, we have given it both a tick and a cross, as it does seem a little short in covering the front child. We believe it all depends on the make and model of stroller you have, so the suggestion is to test it out if at all possible or return if it doesn’t fit properly. Here are the dimensions 8.9 x 7.1 x 0.9 inches, so measure a black rubbish bag or sheet of paper to get a more or less idea on fit.

The convenient little pockets for storing small objects as well as the storage bag, make this a practical buy. With a price of $13, it is a real deal, especially as you are covering two little persons.

Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather Shield/Rain Cover

Now here we have the elite of the elite. We just had to include this top of the range universal Stroller Rain Cover, and saying it like that just doesn’t do it justice at all. Listen to what this guy has to offer.

a5Firstly, it’s not only fits on most standard strollers, but also can be adjusted to rear and forward facing stroller seats. It boasts an eco-friendly and non-toxic fabric certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 by TESTEX, Zurich, and we all know how precise the Germans are.

There is a large entry area with a dual zipper, although we are wondering if it’s a good idea that your little chap will be able to zip himself out.

But nevertheless, in addition, it covers the stroller 100%, for a definite rain, snow, wind and dust free ride. We love that this rain cover has UV protection windows and an easy to use sunscreen curtain. You can never have too much sun cover.

While it has air vents on the side, it does come with a safety warning not to use the product other than in rain, wind and other wet conditions. It would appear that in hot weather your honey might just get a trifle too stuffy in there. With all round great reviews, we feel you may just be able to swallow and pay the hefty $48 for it. We are giving it an all round thumbs up from our side, for this innovative Stroller Rain Cover.

We hope that armed with this comprehensive comparison you will find the best Stroller Rain Cover for your lifestyle and stroller needs.

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