From the driest deserts of Africa to the highest mountains of Peru, many thousands of years ago, mothers were carrying their babies strapped or wrapped onto their backs.  What they used was pretty much the equivalent of the over the shoulder baby holder of today.
Indian baby holder
Over time and following modern innovations, we have thrown away our shawls, blankets, and scarves, to replace them with strollers, swings, and car seats. But we all know that the best place for a baby is in their mother’s arms, close and cozy, skin to skin, where the baby will feel the safest and most loved. We all know, as well, that in today’s modern age, it is just not possible to do all that we need to do with our arms occupied by a baby.

On top of this, that tiny little morsel eventually gets heavy and while we pride ourselves on our awesome upper body strength, we need to consider an alternative. The “babywearing” trend that used to put you into the category of either “poor”, “hippy” or “tribal” is making a comeback and in a big way.

Today, young mothers and old are going back to their roots but in a modern way. Needing the practicality of strapping their baby to their bodies but pulling our faces at the ugly options out there, many baby companies have come up with stylish, fashionable designs. So, whether its baby that needs a little Kangaroo Care or mom that just loves to have baby close and personal, an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder is just the thing for you.

Baby HolderCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Ellaroo Lightly Padded Baby Sling from PatapumB$$$
Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling)B+$$$
Best Baby Sling Carrier by EliclaireA$$
Karma Baby Slings Organic SlingB$$$
Baby K'tan ORIGINAL Baby CarrierA+$$$

Why You Should Consider Utilizing An Over The Shoulder Baby Holder Or Baby Sling

Hands-free but still Hug-full

You get to still make that cup of tea, hang the washing, dry the dishes and pack that cupboard, all with baby securely snuggled against you and happy.

Comforting and Comfortable

If your baby needs loads of close, cozy contact, never giving you a rest, an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder is the answer. Not only are they providing the comfort and closeness baby needs but they are comfortable for both you and the little dude.

Discreet or Disturbing

Maya Baby PicWhen the baby has to feed, the baby has to feed! While it’s commonplace for mothers to feed their babies in public, it is frowned upon to whip out your engorged breast and plug up a screaming baby. The modern world has a long way to go before it will be comfortable with even something as natural as breastfeeding. So next time your little cherub is practically gagging to get hold of its lifesaver, simply fold baby into a baby sling and pull the material over to continue in private.

Fashion Police Points

No one expects you to wrap granny’s crocheted, moth-eaten blanket around you and baby in order to embrace your heritage. Today, you have your pick of very sassy designs and colors.

Price Savvy

While you can really go back to your roots and custom-make your own Over The Shoulder Baby Holder, it really is not necessary. The very economical price of this must-have baby accessory makes the decision that much easier.

Baby HolderCompetencyPrice  Our Ratings
Ellaroo Lightly Padded Baby Sling from PatapumB$$$
Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling)B+$$$
Best Baby Sling Carrier by EliclaireA$$
Karma Baby Slings Organic SlingB$$$
Baby K'tan ORIGINAL Baby CarrierA+$$$

Choices aplenty for an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder

Ellaroo Lightly Padded Baby Sling from Patapum

holder1Elegant, stylish and practical! This describes our first Over The Shoulder Baby Holder. Made from 100% handwoven, lightweight Guatemalan cotton fabric, with added padding in the shoulder and rail areas, you and baby are in for a treat. The Ellaroo Sling is designed to spread out over the back for maximum support and cup the shoulder for extra comfort.

As baby grows, and you can carry a weight of up to 35 lbs. with this sling, you can adjust the top and bottom rails independently. At a nice price of $72 and available in lovely colors and patterns, we are happy to recommend.

Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling)

holder2What a lovely product! With all round good reviews and a 5-star rating on Amazon, we are really stoked about this Over The Shoulder Baby Holder. We also love the colorful prints and soft 100% Pima Cotton.

The multiple baby position possibilities are a real treat. Whether you want baby lying down, upright, on the hip, on your back or in front, this adjustable sling can do it. Covering all the bases and reasons you should buy a sling, this economical product is top of our list.

From breastfeeding privacy to skin on skin contact, your baby will be very happy you chose Mamaway. The full price is $94 but we see that Amazon has discounted a few times and can be bought for a lowly $67. This is a real bargain!

Best Baby Sling Carrier by Eliclaire

Perfect Baby Shower Gift! With the low price of $23.99, you cant go wrong with this very modern Over The Shoulder Baby Holder. Available in a few plain print colors and made from a natural, comfortable cotton, you can be assured of a great buy.

We would even have to say it doubles up as a wardrobe accessory with it’s over the shoulder t-shirt look.

One question often asked is the possibility of a backache when using a sling. With this supportive design, Eliclaire has guaranteed a very comfortable fit for mom, dad, or granny! With a lifetime guarantee, you have to consider this innovative sling.

Karma Baby Slings Organic Sling

holder4As the name suggests, Karma Baby Slings has created a real aura around their sling. 100% Organic Cotton Twill in a few plain pattern colors makes for the perfect fashionable accessory with most outfits.

This sling allows you to position baby in a few ways. From kangaroo (facing out), belly to belly, hip, and cradle, we are sure your little princess or prince will find their ideal resting place. If you are seeking comfort, ease, and practicality, you have found it here in the Karma Baby Sling.

We especially like the convenient little pocket, which allows you to slip a cell phone or small purse into, perfect for those quick visits to the shop. Nice price at $59 and overall nice Over The Shoulder Baby Holder.

Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier

81gBqHg3uvL._SL1500_Here’s one for the dads or moms that just don’t like all that wrapping and sometimes complicated instructions which come with the territory. This innovative baby carrier comes all ready to slip on and go.

With 6 different baby wearing positions – Adventure, Hug, Kangaroo, Two-Hip, Hip and Explore (all their names), you should find a comfy fit for you and baby. Doubling up as an infinity scarf, when not in use as a wrap, we ticked the “fashionable” button with this one.

We quite like their advertising which leans heavily towards dads and its plain to see why. The fabric is a soft, stretchy t-shirt type material with no bells and whistles, although you can choose from a few options, colorful or plain. Simple, practical and perfect for dad.

One area of concern that did come up but we don’t feel should affect your decision to purchase, is that while it does state it can carry from newborn to 35 lbs, we wouldn’t recommend the bigger child.   Simply because they seem to not be as stable in the sling as they get heavier.

Decent price at $72 or $50 depending on where you buy it, although Amazon has a special where you get a K’Tan Cloth with, which has a variety of uses from nursing cover, a soft blankie to burp cloth.

In conclusion, whether you are a mod mom or the old-fashioned type, we are sure you will find an over the shoulder baby holder to suit your lifestyle, baby and importantly, your wardrobe.

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