If you have an ounce of DIY in you or a touch of creativity, you may want to try your hand at how to make a receiving blanket.

What Are The Uses of Receiving Blankets?

Receiving blankets have many uses. From swaddling to doubling as a diaper changing mat, from lining a baby car seat or pram to shading baby against that glaring sun through the car window. Think breastfeeding screen. Think burp cloth. Endless uses. Even some that extend beyond baby, like a shawl, a scarf or a makeshift napkin. They are lightweight, easy to fold and soft against baby’s delicate skin and yours. You can never have enough receiving blankets. Believe me! Never!

Step by Step

Simply, you will need the following items, however, some of our options below may not use all of these:rsz_1rsz_dsc00202

  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Cotton Fabric
  3. Fleece or Flannel Fabric (for the underside)
  4. Thread (to match the fabric)
  5. Embroidery Floss
  6. Tapestry Needle
  7. Sewing Scissors
  8. See through Ruler
  9. Measuring Tape
  10. Iron and ironing board
  11. Fabric Pencil
  12. Straight Pins
  13. Seam Gauge
  14. Seam Ripper
  15. Rotary Cutter
  16. Self Healing Mat1426520605008_IBFS8096_Itzy Ritzy_Ritzy Nurser_Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf_Blue Skies Chevron (12).1200w

For your convenience, we have found a few easy ways of making your own receiving blankets. Take your pick of one of the following options.

Pattern Perfect

If you fancy yourself a keen tailor, purchase this book and roll out a receiving blanket in 10 minutes using her simple pattern.

Fabric Fairies

This easy tutorial video will have you whipping out receiving blankets in no time at all.

Blissfully Simple

This housewife has put together all sorts of DIY articles. And she delivers with her simple pointers on making a flannel receiving blanket.

Wiki Who?

With easy to follow pictures, this How To article from WikiHow will make sewing receiving blankets a piece of cake.

10 Minute Mayhem

Quick Stix you will have a variety of receiving blankets to make your friends envious and your baby comfy.

While you can go buy receiving blankets in any baby store or supermarket, there is nothing like creating something yourself from scratch.

For a chance to make something that will be used extensively and can be passed down from generation to generation, you cannot miss this opportunity. And as you can see, it need not be a hair-pulling task. So, put on your creative hat and get sewing! No excuses!

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