IMG_3616For most mothers, when they are asked this, whether it be the day after or years later, they generally give you that blank look. What do pregnancy contractions feel like? No really, what do they feel like? We all want to know. Of course we do. You would think that, for the oldest experience in history, that someone could explain it in a few short sentences.

However, it’s not that simple. Clearly! It is like asking someone what it feels like to fly in an aero plane or have sex for the first time. Each answer would be different, right?


But, a big But, or rather a However, don’t stress. We have collated a tongue-in-cheek list gleaned from various women around the world, detailing how they would describe the mythical but oh-so-real feelings of contractions.

What they’re saying …

images“Stabbing pains, similar to a spastic colon.”

-Lisa (sounds reasonable)

“Gas, really, really bad gas, which just never exited, well not out the normal route.”

-Brenda (seriously?!)

“When you hold your urine in for way too long, that searing, burning feeling deep in your gut, but much lower down, yes, that’s what it felt like.”

-Debra (Yip, know that feeling)

“Ever had a Chinese Bangle as a child? Well, this felt like those little bastards were performing their finale Chinese Bangle on my abdomen!”

-Mia (wtf?)

“Like pushing a poop out. A little bit of cramping and then whoosh”

-Sarah (lucky girl!)

“Really, really bad menstrual cramps, waves of them.”

-Judy (really, really bad?)

“Because I was so fit when I fell pregnant and remained so throughout, the contractions were like little butterflies doing karate in my stomach. Quite awesome.”

-Melinda (good for you, Melinda! (nauseasating!)

“Back pain like you wont believe, low and deep, that gradually filtered away as baby descended.”

-Barbara (not too bad)

“What do pregnancy contractions feel like?  Like my uterus was a giant toothpaste being squeezed from the bottom to the top.”

Francis (and we’re guessing the baby was the toothpaste?)

“It took my breath away and until I began to focus on each contraction, I was taken on a wild trip down pain lane.”

-Jenny (very poetic, Jenny)

In ending …

braxton-hicks-contractions-800x800So, you can see contractions feel different for different women. Some seem to get it easy, others not so much.

On a serious note, its been advised that drinking loads of water, taking a warm bath, breathing deeply (you know, those shuu shuu shuu breaths) and taking a wee, will help alleviate the pain of pregnancy contractions.

On a more sane approach, take the gas or epidural. You wont be receiving an award after all when all is said and done. Don’t be a hero and try to enjoy the journey! (right!)

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