When it comes to potty training girls you want to adopt the copycat method. With boys, as Mom is generally the one to do the training, that method, obviously won’t work, at least in terms of the weeing part. Let’s break it down:

Timing is Crucial When Potty Training Girls

Timing is crucial. As with most things in life, you don’t want to start too early or even too late in this case. The ideal age is 2 or 2 and half years old. Girls tend to be able to handle potty training earlier than boys. Most girls will inform you, if you do the copycat thing often enough when they want to go. Don’t rush them either. But it’s good to look out for certain signs too.



To catch her before she pees in her diaper or through her clothes, look out for these telltale signs:

  1. Crossing her legs
  2. Shifting around and restless legs
  3. Touching herself
  4. Swimmy, watery eyes

The same can be said for little boys too.

The How To When Potty Training Girls

P4324-Potty-Friend-Life-2Well, we all know how to wipe ourselves. It comes second nature to us but for someone that has never done it before; it can be an odd and daunting task. What you need to worry about most is the direction of the wipe. She should be wiping from front to back so as to not bring any germs from the anus to the vagina. If they struggle to remember this then just tell her to pat lightly over the vagina area.

When it comes to wiping for a poo, always up and away and of course to check that the paper is clean before finishing up. Shame, there is a lot for a little girl to remember. Not to mention adding on the flushing, the spraying and the washing of the hands. But don’t sell your daughter short; she will pick it up quickly, with a little repetition.


rsz_potty_training1Creating a fun experience will help during the potty training period. Try these methods:

  1. Going shopping for pretty panties
  2. Telling stories of other big girls that pee and poo on the toilet
  3. Staying clean is normally important to little girls, so bring this into your storytelling
  4. Play pretend games with her favorite dolls or stuffed toys where you take the toy on a journey to learn how to pee like a big girl
  5. Put food coloring in the toilet and show her how the water changes color as she pees
  6. For a poo, drop a ping pong ball in the toilet and ask her to see if she can land her poo on this (weird, yes! But it works)
  7. If your little girl likes books, give her one to look at whilst sitting there (it’s not just a male thing, you know!)
  8. Create a chart where she can get a gold star or sweet or some kind of rewarddisney-princess-potty-chart

Good luck and know that there is not a normal adult out there that cannot pee and poo on their own. Yours will do it, eventually.

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