There are a few variations as to what the ‘experts’ claim what it means when you dream you are pregnant. Pregnancy symbols in dreams are common, even with men, believe it or not. Let us explore a few of them so you can make your own conclusions.

All Stressed Out!

Most times, it could mean that you are stressed about something and that falling pregnant would just add to the already heavy burdens you are stressing about.d

A good call would be to evaluate all the possibilities that could be stressing you and work through them systematically to alleviate the pressure. As an example, it could be that you are taking on too much in your job, or you are in a toxic relationship.


Sometimes the reason you are dreaming of being pregnant could be as simple as that you are yearning to fall pregnant. Even if you are single and unattached, it could be that deep down you wish that you could settle, find a good partner and have a baby. Or that you just wish to have a baby on your own. It may be that you are busy trying to fall pregnant and its weighing heavy on you that it hasn’t happened yet.

Arty Farty

Another meaning leads towards your creative side. Having a baby can be viewed as a dreams-mean_370d842940609b62creative art form. You are, essentially, creating something beautiful inside you and this dream could be trying to tell that you need to express yourself more.

Try taking up some kind of art. Maybe oil or water painting. Maybe sketching. Maybe pottery or woodwork. There are many forms that may just appeal to your arty side. As an established artist, even if a novice, you may dream of being pregnant often. This can mean you are about to start a new art piece or idea.

New Beginnings

Dreaming that you are pregnant may mean that you are going to embark on a new beginning in a certain aspect of your life. It could be a new job or a new relationship. It may be a move to a new home or the purchasing of a new vehicle.


As being pregnant takes place over a few months and is, in fact, a period of gestation, it could mean that you are mulling over new ideas or plans. Maybe you have a new business mean-dream-someone_ffd68e8a5135fe3cventure that you wish to start but are not quite ready. So, the next few weeks or months could be your planning time.

Forgotten Dreams

Often times it is a lost dream or a desire that has been put to one side, which manifests as a dream of being pregnant. If you have decided to, for example, forego your dream of being an artist for a career as an attorney or have left your passion of singing behind to pursue a more stable job with a solid income, the dream of being pregnant may be trying to tell you to reconsider your decision.

So, what does it mean when you dream you are pregnant? Who knows! Whether you believe dreams have a meaning or not, it is interesting to see what various informers speculate they mean. View them with an open mind and make your own decision as to whether any of these have a deeper meaning for you.


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