Announcing that you are pregnant is so exciting so why not announce the gender of your baby too with just as much flair? Here are some cool ideas.

Cakey Communiqué

Gender-Reveal-Cupcakes-2Nothing says ‘Wow!’ better than cake, so when you decide to have all the friends and family round with the pretense of a little adhoc get together, why not have a cake or cupcakes made in either boy or girl colors?

Go a step further and hide the color inside the cupcake, so that when everyone takes a bite together they will find out in such a sweet way.

Styling and Sassy

110-pregnant-belly-pictures-1030x736If you are willing and proud of showing your bump off, you could decorate your tummy with suitably colored ribbons or body paint. A cool idea would be to have both a blue and pink bow and let your hubby stick the bow on your tummy in his gesture of announcing.

If you do not plan to have a party, take pictures and social media your dress up fun.

Lantern Lunacy

imagesSending off lanterns is a lovely traditional gesture celebrated in many countries. You can now buy lanterns in various colors. If it is safe to do so, buy the appropriate color, write a message on your lantern and let it off into the sky. You could either have friends and family gathered to witness the announcement or film it for onward sending.

Balloon Bang

Filling balloons with pink or blue confetti and then having each guest pop them on a 3-2-1 call out would be so awesome! Make the actual balloons a dark color like black so they cannot see the insides. White won’t work, obviously.

Bootie Bulletin

hand_knitted_sheepskin_bootiesBuy or make little matching booties then post them off to those you wish to a baby gender announcement.
What a lovely surprise that would be!

Treasure Hunt Fun

Treasure-Maps1Here is where you can let your arty side loose. Draw up a map of your garden and send your guests or family on a treasure hunt to find the gender clue. It could be in the form of a little pink or blue onesie or pacifier hanging from a tree. You could make the little clues along the way cute rhymes which will get them guessing before they reach the final surprise.

You could make the little clues along the way cute rhymes which will get them guessing before they reach the final surprise.

Balloon Boob

Here is a nifty idea. Take a look at this video gender reveal. Every guest was given a balloon of their choice, whether they thought baby was going to be a boy or girl – so blue or pink balloon. On the count they had to try blow up their balloon. In this case only the pink balloons blew up.

Ball Baby

Sometimes it’s the mom that doesn’t know the sex of the baby and dad sets up a little party to reveal the sex to her as well as to the rest of their family and friends.

In this video clip, the toddler, assuming its their first child, pulls pink and blue balls out of a little chest. What is revealed is that the most colored balls depicts the sex of the baby to be.

There are plenty of other ideas and we are sure you could come up with many derivatives of these to create your own unique baby gender announcement.

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