When To Worry About Baby Snoring

No one likes a snorer! No one! But when it's your baby, it can be kinda cute. Cute because generally it's like a baby bee noise. But when is it time to worry about your baby snoring?

Why Do They Snore?

As with adults, it has all to do with the nasal passages. As baby’s airways are small and most often are filled with snot and liquid, this can cause all sorts of noises to be emitted.

When To Be Concerned?

Watch how your child’s chest lifts and falls whilst they sleep. If it seems labored, then you may need to prop them up (a pillow under their upper back will help). If you are still concerned, then a trip to the doctor is in order.

Listen to the pattern of the baby snoring or funny noises. If it doesn’t change as they move around in their sleep, then it’s a possibility there is a blockage in the passageways. You may need to give them a medication that opens the lungs or a nebulizer to assist with breathing. If it's an occasional snore then I wouldn’t be too worried but do watch if the nasal passages block up completely. Baby will revert to breathing through their mouth, but keep an eye out.


Other Reasons For Baby Snoring

  • Apnea - simply a break in the breathing pattern
  • Asthma – difficulty in breathing due to narrow air passages
  • Enlarged Adenoids or Tonsils – mostly in older children, from 4 or 5 years old, but can develop earlier

What To Do?

If the reason behind the snoring isn’t serious then simply turning them over onto their side or stomach will help. Another trick is placing a firm pillow under their upper back to raise the chest and open the air passageways and help your child sleep better. Sometimes a pacifier will stop the noises. Although the snoring is coming from the nose, with the mouth blocked, it makes the lungs work a little harder to push air in and out. However, BIG However, if they are struggling to breathe through their nose, DO NOT give them the pacifier!

A nasal spray may be in order but check with your local pharmacist or doctor to see what is safe and effective. The suggestion is not to use this method too often, as they can damage the delicate skin of the nasal passages.  Baby snoring isn't so bad, see?


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